Novus Medical Detox Protocols

what is a medical protocol?

Webster’s Medical Dictionary defines protocol as:

“A detailed plan of a scientific or medical experiment, treatment, or procedure.”

A medical protocol is a compilation of the successful actions of medical practitioners, and allows one to achieve the same success on patients by following the steps of the medical protocol.

examples of earlier medical protocols

  • In the 18th century, medical doctors believed that blood was the carrier of diseases. The medical protocol for a sore throat and high fever was a procedure called ‘bloodletting’.
  • Bloodletting drained the bad blood out and allowed the body to produce good blood which was supposed to lead to recovery.
  • This was the medical protocol followed by the doctors summoned when George Washington, after riding in the freezing rain, returned home and began to have a high temperature and sore throat.
  • The use of this protocol is what is now believed to have actually caused Washington’s death.
  • In the Civil War, the medical protocol for treating many gunshot wounds to the leg or arm often called for amputation of the limb because they did not have the ability to control the spread of infection.

There have long been medical protocols for detoxing people off drugs and alcohol.

  • When someone was an alcoholic in the 18th century and wanted to quit drinking, they were often locked in a room and not allowed to come out for three to four days.
  • Most people survived the treatment, but some had seizures and died.
  • A similar protocol was often followed for people who were addicted to opium smoking. While very painful, it rarely had fatal consequences.

importance of medical protocols

  • Without medical protocols, medical treatment would be totally reliant on the skill of the practitioner and the availability of diagnostic equipment.
  • We would have one doctor prescribing one course of treatment, but down the street another doctor would prescribe a different course of treatment for the exact same medical problem.
  • We want our medical professionals to use tried and successful methods and not to experiment on us as if we were lab animals.
  • This is why medical malpractice has developed the standard that a treatment is not considered negligent if it meets the standard of the medical community — if all other medical practitioners follow a similar protocol.

Specific medical protocols are developed to deal with specific diseases or conditions.

  • There are established medical protocols for dealing with an infection, cancer, heart problems or indigestion.
  • As more information about how to deal with medical conditions is discovered, medical protocols are often changed.
  • Of course in some areas of medicine, such as the field of psychiatry, there are medical protocols based not on actual medical tests but on opinion because there are no medical tests to show the conditions supposedly treated by psychiatry.

application of a medical protocol

  • Although there is science involved in the development of a successful medical protocol, administering it is still an art insofar as how the protocol is applied.
  • You may have had this experience. You had a cavity and went to a dentist who was so skilled in the art of dentistry that you barely felt the drill.
  • Then a few years later, you go to another dentist and even though this dentist follows the same protocol, he is less skilled in the art of dentistry and it seems that the entire time you are in his chair, you are trying to ignore the pain.

Another example is surgery.

  • I once asked a surgeon how he would select a surgeon to operate on him or a member of his family.
  • He said that was easy.
  • All you do is find the surgeon whose patients recover the fastest.
  • The more skilled the surgeon, the more rapidly their patients recover.

Like in all areas of life, the more skilled the person is in applying the technology of a subject, the better the result.

existing medical detox protocols

When we were planning to open Novus, one of our biggest tasks was to develop medical protocols that could be followed and that would allow us to help people detox from drugs or alcohol. Most if not all medical detox facilities will:

  • Use a benzodiazepine to allow an alcoholic to safely withdraw from alcohol.
  • Use a drug like buprenorphine (Suboxone®) for opiate or opioid withdrawal.

However, the protocols used by these other medical detox facilities had some drawbacks:

  • They assumed that everyone detoxing from a certain type of drug or from alcohol was given the same drug or drugs in the same amounts at the same time.
  • They assumed that any problem the person had while detoxing meant they needed another drug, even if it meant that they left the detox facility on one or more new drugs.
  • They did not consider that patients respond better to kindness and the idea that they are not “addicts” but people who want to reclaim their lives.
  • They did not consider that most people coming to detox from a drug or alcohol were dehydrated.
  • They did not consider that most people coming to detox from a drug or alcohol were mineral and vitamin deficient.
  • They did not consider the impact of the detox facility itself and its location.
  • They did not consider the benefits of educating the patients about the way that the drug or alcohol was affecting them and the benefits of educating them about the way that the detox drugs were going to affect them.
  • They did not consider the impact of the food that was provided.

the novus medical detox protocol

At Novus, our detox protocol includes:

  • The use of drugs as needed to ensure the safe and most comfortable detox from drugs or alcohol;
  • The daily re-evaluation of the patient to ensure that the protocol is adjusted to allow the patient to complete their detox in the most comfortable, safe and fastest manner.
  • IV treatments including vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Natural supplements
  • Delicious food
  • Home-like environment on 3.2 treed acres
  • 24/7 medical care
  • 24/7 counselors
  • Internet access
  • Private or comfortable shared rooms with TV

We have developed Novus-specific protocols for the following types of medical detoxes:

how are the novus medical detox protocols working?

  • The best way to evaluate anything is to ask the people experiencing it.
  • We obtain comments from all of our patients and they uniformly rave about their medical detox experience at Novus.
  • This is even more pronounced when you read the comments from our patients who have experienced a detox at one or more other facilities.
  • These “veterans” of other detox facilities are often the most enthusiastic because they can compare the skill in which the medical protocol is applied at Novus with the often lesser skill applied at the previous detox facilities they visited.

You can read some of their success stories by clicking here.


A very successful venture capitalist once told me that while a company’s product was critical, the most important thing was the people. If the key people possessed the needed training and skills, then the company could succeed.

At Novus, our physical plant is important and our medical protocols are vital but the most important part of our program is our staff.

Not only are they highly trained professionals but they love their jobs and love helping people. They particularly love seeing someone come to Novus downcast and physically a wreck and leave in a short time with a big smile and commenting that they can’t remember the last time they felt this good.

We change lives every day by freeing people from drugs and alcohol and giving them information that will help them the rest of their lives.


We develop an individualized medical detox program specifically for each of our patients, which means no recovery will look the same. Our delicious food, nutritional IVs and supplements, and specialized detox protocols are all designed to quicken the healing process. We understand that various addictions present a number of issues for the human body, so we create our IVs and diets to fit the needs of specific withdrawal symptoms.

Our process is all about you, which is why we have private and shared rooms available for our residents. Each room is outfitted with a TV, telephone, and access to the internet. We also provide educational classes that will show you how the drug or alcohol of your choice affects your body. We believe that to effectively fight off your withdrawal symptoms, it is important to know what you are fighting against and what to be prepared for.

To learn more about how we can help you,
call (855) 464-8550 today!

  • Personalized Detox Programs
  • Quality, Patient Focused Care
  • Medical & Personal Support with 24/7 Accessibility
  • Enjoy a Therapeutic, Spa-Like Environment
  • Our Programs Combine the Best Medications & Holistic Supplements
  • We Offer Private or Comfortable-Shared Rooms

Read Our Patients' Stories

  • “Some professions you expect or demand super human qualities from those who work there. While that expectation may seem unrealistic, every single staff ...”


  • “Your low pressure and sincere approach to your patient’s progress and well being was truly the difference between Facility and any other treatment ...”


  • “A+ they are the best! Always remember you may feel like this is going to be impossible to you but turn it around and say, I’m possible. I love you all ...”


  • “You guys are the real thing. Be proud of what you do. You literally changed my life. My advice to other people struggling with addiction: Do NOT detox ...”


  • “Complete absence of judgment. Encouragement and genuine compassion!”


  • “Thank you for helping me get into a program, I am going to take advantage of this! All the staff made my day awesome!”


  • “This is the best detox I have been to because they really care. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.””


  • “Best place to detox!”


  • “After my experience at Novus, god forbid I ever relapse I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else! Best detox facility in the USA!”


  • “I would recommend Novus to anyone who needed this level of care. Thank you for everything and I will come visit once I am a new sober man!”


  • “I am very happy I came here for my detox. It was good that Eric and George took charge and got me to arrive here. I am grateful to JJ, Jean and ...”

    C. F.

  • “You are all so kind and caring! Thank you for not only saving my life but actually making me think about MY life. XOXO”


  • “My mind and body has felt like a million dollars. I haven’t felt like this in 12 years. Thank you so much for taking care of me. If I know somebody ...”


  • “Novus is the very best detox facility. Staff is so very caring, competent, always there to answer questions and talk. The use of natural remedies, IV ...”


  • “I was thrilled with the compassion and kindness by the entire staff – the encouragement as well!”


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