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OxyContin Detox & Addiction

Getting Off OxyContin Can Save Your Life

OxyContin addiction and dependence is a massive issue in the United States affecting tens of thousands of people. Far too many people die from overdoses every year, but despite the danger it can be incredibly difficult to break free from both because of how addictive it is and because of how painful the withdrawal symptoms can be.

This drug, like heroin, oxycodone, Vicodin, methadone, hydrocodone and other opiates and opioids, is highly addictive to the point where it is often referred to as “legal heroin” by those of us who see its effects on a daily basis. Oxycodone, the active ingredient in OxyContin, is molecularly similar to and has similar effects to heroin in the body, and is also present in other drugs like Percodan and Percocet.

OxyContin was introduced to the market back in the mid-90s, and misrepresentations made by its manufacturer, Purdue Pharma to doctors about its addictive qualities eventually led to a $680 million dollar fine back in 2007. However, that legal punishment came far too late to stop the damage. Within just a few years of its release, more prescriptions were being written for OxyContin than all other opiate painkillers combined. Soon after that, addiction to this drug was one of the most common factors people cited when checking in to a drug treatment center, and hospital emergency room visits climbed to more than 30,000. Since then, the number of people killed by OxyContin and oxycodone overdoses every year has quadrupled.

Not only is this drug deadly, people addicted to it experience painful withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop taking it in addition to the powerful cravings to keep taking it. In some cases, it may even cause and increase the pain people taking it feel, a condition known as opioid-induced hyperalgesia. OxyContin addiction is incredibly dangerous, and cannot be taken lightly under any circumstances. The best way for someone to break free from this drug is through a supervised OxyContin medical detox.

Novus Medical Detox Centers And Oxycontin Detox

At Novus Medical Detox Centers, we use an OxyContin detox protocol that provides our patients with a program that’s tailored to meet your specific needs. Over 90 percent of our patients who start their OxyContin detox with us successfully complete the process and completely withdraw from the drug. Our professional and caring staff are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we work tirelessly to provide you with a safe and home-like environment, either in a private or comfortable shared room. Our facilities are equipped with high-speed internet access, televisions, and telephones.

We will provide you with medications as needed, including IVs that will provide you with the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need to keep you healthy and hydrated throughout your recovery. We also provide our patients with natural supplements and delicious food to help keep you strong and make your withdrawal as easy and safe as possible. Once your treatment is complete, you will walk out of our facility without any new drugs. You don’t just need to hear it from us though. From one of our patients:

“Thank you for giving me not only my life back, my sanity, and my strength, but my soul as well.”

The Need For A Medically-Supervised Detox

Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators. Drugs like OxyContin, heroin, morphine, methadone, Vicodin, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and other types of opioids artificially increase the body’s production of endorphins. After your body gets used to this external supply of endorphins, the human body tends to produce fewer and fewer endorphins on its own and, consequently, becomes physically dependent on the drug for the production of endorphins. This stage is known as dependence, but can easily spiral into full-blown addiction. At either of these points, stopping taking these drugs will cause the body to undergo severe and painful withdrawal symptoms. Because of this, it is incredibly difficult, and often impossible to get off these drugs without help.

When Legal Prescriptions Lead To Addiction Or Dependence

While most people who take opioid pain medications prescribed by a doctor do not become physically dependent or addicted, it is not an uncommon problem. A surprising number of people do fall victim to addictive medications, even when they follow their doctors’ orders exactly as written.

Drugs like OxyContin is a leading culprit of this problem, and one of the most terrifying aspects of this issue that that most victims don’t know they are becoming dependent until it’s too late. Worryingly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that prescriptions for narcotic painkillers have risen 1,000 percent since 1990. The result has been absolutely horrendous — a 500 percent increase in prescription painkiller deaths.

These deaths can cripple families, leaving loved ones to mourn the loss of a parent, child, friend, etc. On top of the human toll, the opioid epidemic has cost countless billions of dollars in health care costs, lost wages and productivity, legal fees, and more. The number of emergency room visits recently passed the one million mark, and continue to rise at almost 30 percent every year. More than a dozen states report that narcotic painkillers like OxyContin are now killing more people than car accidents.

Almost everyone in the country is affected in some way by this epidemic. The only people not suffering are those working for the drug companies that peddle these drugs – sales are at all-time highs and profits are profits, no matter how they are made.

Some studies show that the narcotic epidemic seems to be hitting middle age and older people harder than the rest of the population. Narcotic overdoses peak in the 34 to 54 age range, while overdoses on drugs such as OxyContin and oxycodone among people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s have doubled in the past few years.

Although we are often quick to point the finger at ‘Big Pharma’ for pushing narcotics into the medical marketplace, we need to refine our vision and look at the doctors who prescribe oxycodone, OxyContin, hydrocodone, Vicodin, Percocet, Lortab and any of a dozen other opioid narcotic painkillers by the truckload as well. These doctors put dangerous drugs into the hands of patients who have little or no idea how easily they might become dependent or addicted.

Assessing The Risk Of OxyContin Addiction

A significant number of people who eventually became addicted to OxyContin state that they just liked the way the drug makes them feel at the start, and took ever so slightly increasing doses, regardless of what their doctor prescribed. Others thought that taking a little more to help the pain go away would be alright. No matter the reason, taking any more than what’s prescribed is dangerous.

In some cases, even taking the prescribed amount may be too much. Some people are particularly prone to physical dependence, and others even more sensitive to outright addiction. Being previously dependent on or addicted to another substance is a major risk factor, as well as family history or addiction.

No matter what, drugs like OxyContin are always a risk no matter someone’s background. For many people addicted to this drug, the best way to get off is to enter a detox program like the one we offer here at Novus Medical Detox Centers. If you’re wondering whether you or someone you know is growing dependent or addicted to OxyContin or another opioid painkiller, consider this list of tell-tale signs:

  • Is the opioid painkiller eliminating the pain and helping you to function better? If not, and you’re still taking it, see the doctor right away.
  • Has anyone expressed concern about your overuse of opioid painkillers?
  • Have you taken opioid painkillers for more than two weeks?
  • Are you taking more than the doctor prescribed, for any reason?
  • Are you getting opioid painkiller prescriptions from more than one doctor?
  • Are you hiding opioid painkillers in more than one location at home or at work?
  • Are things in your life improving or getting worse? Be honest with yourself.

The Dangers Of OxyContin Overdoses

Overdoses can occur when you take more of a drug than your body can handle. OxyContin overdose can occur with long-term use, as the body builds a tolerance to the drug, or it can occur when someone has only used OxyContin for a short time or takes just one OxyContin tablet for the first time. According to medical experts, the risk of dying from an overdose on the first pill poses the greatest to young people. An OxyContin overdose causes serious damage, including:

  • Skeletal muscle flaccidity;
  • Cold and clammy skin;
  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate;
  • Coma;
  • Severe respiratory distress;
  • Death.

At Novus Medical Detox Centers, we understand that everyone’s metabolism is different, and that your detox program needs to be specifically tailored to suit your needs. No program that’s designed as a one-size-fits-all will ever be as effective. Once you’ve started out on your program, our staff will constantly check in with you to make sure that you’re safe and healthy in order to guarantee a safe, more comfortable and successful OxyContin detox.

Medical Detox Is The Safe Solution To OxyContin Addiction

The opioid epidemic affects people across the United States, and the first step towards a sober future is to enroll in an OxyContin detox program. At Novus Medical Detox Centers, we are proud to provide our patients with a better, more effective OxyContin detox program. Our patients are thrilled with both the results and with just how much easier it is to detox than they ever imagined. Call us at (855) 464-8550 to speak with one of our detox advisors today, or fill out our online form to let us know about your situation.


We develop an individualized medical detox program specifically for each of our patients, which means no recovery will look the same. Our delicious food, nutritional IVs and supplements, and specialized detox protocols are all designed to quicken the healing process. We understand that various addictions present a number of issues for the human body, so we create our IVs and diets to fit the needs of specific withdrawal symptoms.

Our process is all about you, which is why we have private and shared rooms available for our residents. Each room is outfitted with a TV, telephone, and access to the internet. We also provide educational classes that will show you how the drug or alcohol of your choice affects your body. We believe that to effectively fight off your withdrawal symptoms, it is important to know what you are fighting against and what to be prepared for.

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