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Opiate / Opioid Addiction

Whether prescribed or taken illicitly, opiates and opioids have an overwhelming potential to take and alter lives. For those who want to stop dangerous dependencies and addictions to these drugs, starting off on the right foot – with medically managed withdrawal at Novus Detox – can make all the difference.

Our Priority is Patient Comfort

As the first stop in a patient’s journey, Novus Detox offers inpatient opioid / opiate detox services driven by personalized protocols and a focus on patient safety and comfort. Our medical opiate detox program can help patients toward the next phase in life in as little as 7-11 days.

Ready? Novus is here to help. Call (855) 464-8550 or contact us online to learn more about our opiate detox program and state-of-the-art facilities in Tampa Bay.

How to Get Off Opioids

Opiates (derived from opium) and opioids (partially or entirely synthetic drugs) manage pain, and while their medical use can be effective, they’re short term solutions with innumerable risks for dependency and addiction. Many begin their battles with prescription painkillers, and many who start with medications soon turn to illicit substances.

At Novus, we know opioids don’t discriminate; people from all walks of life come to our detox center seeking medical supervision and personalized support for opiate and opioid withdrawal involving all types of substances, including:

Though the risks and pain of withdrawal are indeed difficult hurdles to clear, getting clean from opioids can be done safely, effectively, and comfortably under the care of compassionate professionals. At Novus, we’ve become known for providing a safer alternative to risky “rapid” detoxes or attempts to go it alone, and for detox programs that offer:

  • Protocol – Innovative medical protocols and withdrawal management tailored to each patient’s unique situation, comfort level, and safety, and designed to help even high-dose patients step down safely from all opioids.
  • Supplementation – Natural supplementation, mineral-rich IVs, and nutritious food to compliment medications and harness the body’s potential to self-manage withdrawal, revive, and rebuild.
  • Step-by-Step Support – From initial intake and withdrawal management to buprenorphine (Suboxone) therapy, titration / tapering (stepping down), stabilization, and program completion, we work closely with patients, and adjust their programs as needed every step of the way.
  • Personalized Programs – Medical protocol, symptom management, counseling, and resources are all provided on a personalized basis, and are tailor made to each individual’s needs. Nursing and medical supervision is also available 24/7 to ensure maximum comfort.
  • A Comfortable Place – With medical professionals, counselors, nurses, and friendly support staff readily available, Novus prioritizes comfort during detox from opiates, as well as delicious food, a serene environment on acres of land, comfortable rooms and modern conveniences, support resources, and sensible policies that allow patients to focus on what’s important.

Learn more about Medical Detox, The Novus Difference, and our Tampa Bay Detox Center.

Opiate / Opioid Withdrawal & Side Effects

Withdrawal is one of the largest reasons why so many people struggle continuously with opiates and opioids, and why many don’t succeed. From the pain and anxiety that accompany withdrawal to the risks of complications and relapse when detox is done improperly, ending physical dependence to opioids is not easy. However, it is within reach.

Though the length and severity of withdrawal can vary, there are a number of general symptoms associated with opiate / opioid withdrawal, including:

  • Body aches, joint and muscular pain
  • Agitation, anxiety, restlessness, dizziness, and insomnia
  • Runny nose, sweating, and flu-like symptoms
  • Nausea, vomiting, stomach aches / cramps, diarrhea
  • Tremors and muscle spasms
  • Fluctuations in blood pressure

With extensive experience in opiate / opioid withdrawal, our professionals have cultivated and refined medical detox protocols to effectively manage or eliminate many symptoms for a more comfortable withdrawal. That includes not only medication, but also tailored supplementation and IVs to improve hydration, and restore depleted vitamins and minerals. A compassionate staff, constant medical supervision, and a serene setting help to further eliminate anxieties and foster a more comfortable, medically assisted withdrawal.

Find more information about opiate / opioid withdrawal and withdrawal treatment.

Common Opiate / Opioid Detox Questions

How Long Does Opioid Detox Take?

The length of any drug or alcohol detox varies, and is impacted by a number of unique circumstances and personal characteristics, including:

  • Age, metabolism, and genetics
  • The type and amount of substance(s) being used
  • Duration of substance use
  • State of hydration / vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Overall health

While our professionals take these factors into account when tailoring protocol, adjusting programs, and monitoring patient progress and comfort, opioid detox may take anywhere from 7 to 11 days. Those who’ve taken certain opioids for a shorter amount of time and in smaller quantities would be more likely to fall on the shorter end of the spectrum, while long-term, high-tolerance patients and those taking certain longer acting opiates (like methadone) may require slightly longer to safely detox. Our team at Novus works diligently to ensure patients’ comfort throughout their stay.

Read more: How Long Will My Medical Detox Take at Novus?

Why Can’t I Just Detox on My Own?

Detoxing from opioids doesn’t pose as severe a medical risk as detoxing from substances like alcohol or benzodiazepine, but it’s still one of the most uncomfortable, difficult experiences. Opioids are powerfully addictive, and the physical dependence they create is not easy to overcome.

There are also risks that accompany solo- or home-detox, including potential for asphyxiation from vomiting and falls from disorientation and weakness, among others. Most significantly, those who attempt cold turkey opioid / opiate detox face higher risks of relapse (often a result of succumbing to pain, fear, and anxiety), and subsequently risks of overdose.

A medically managed opioid / opiate detox in a safe, comfortable, structured environment offers the comfort and support to overcome the many challenges of withdrawal.

Why is Opioid Withdrawal Painful?

While there are a multitude of reasons which contribute to the storm of discomfort that is withdrawal, there are some general explanations:

  • Physical Dependence / Endorphins
  • Dehydration
  • Malnourishment
  • Depleted Vitamins / Minerals
  • Fear and Anxiety

Opiate / Opioid Withdrawal pain and treatment.

Find more information about opiate / opioid detox on our FAQ and Info Center.

Let Novus Detox Help You Get Started On Your Journey: (855) 464-8550

The repercussions of opiates and opioids are well documented. With the opioid crisis now a Public Health Emergency, it’s become clear how far-reaching those consequences have become:

  • 130+ deaths per day from opioid-related overdose;
  • Over 47,000 opioid-related deaths each year;
  • More than 2.1 million people diagnosed with opioid use disorder.

There are overwhelming risks for those who use opiates and opioids, and for the people who care about them, just as there are many challenges to getting clean. Though opioids have the potential to alter lives, individuals struggling with dependence and addiction have the ability to take action – and our team at Novus Detox is here to help.

If you’re ready to start your journey, call (855) 464-8550 or contact us online to speak with a detox professional to learn how Novus is redefining detox.


We develop an individualized medical detox program specifically for each of our patients, which means no recovery will look the same. Our delicious food, nutritional IVs and supplements, and specialized detox protocols are all designed to quicken the healing process. We understand that various addictions present a number of issues for the human body, so we create our IVs and diets to fit the needs of specific withdrawal symptoms.

Our process is all about you, which is why we have private and shared rooms available for our residents. Each room is outfitted with a TV, telephone, and access to the internet. We also provide educational classes that will show you how the drug or alcohol of your choice affects your body. We believe that to effectively fight off your withdrawal symptoms, it is important to know what you are fighting against and what to be prepared for.

To learn more about how we can help you,
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  • Personalized Detox Programs
  • Quality, Patient Focused Care
  • Medical & Personal Support with 24/7 Accessibility
  • Enjoy a Therapeutic, Spa-Like Environment
  • Our Programs Combine the Best Medications & Holistic Supplements
  • We Offer Private or Comfortable-Shared Rooms

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