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About Novus Detox

Methadone Detox

Methadone Ruins Lives — Get Yours Back

Methadone is a synthetic, long-acting opioid used for more than 40 years in the “treatment” of opioid addiction. Methadone’s main purpose was to get people off heroin, and now those same people are just as dependent on Methadone as they were heroin. During the past 10 years, its use for treating common, everyday chronic pain has increased dramatically, causing countless unintentional dependencies and addictions, and thousands of deaths. These people need an innovative, safe, effective and comfortable methadone detox facility like Novus Medical Detox® to fully get off methadone and become drug-free.

Dangers Of Methadone Use

Methadone has become one of the top three drugs most associated with accidental overdose injuries and deaths. This is a result of Methadone being used as the so-called “treatment of choice,” even though it is more addictive than the drugs to which the individual was originally addicted. Essentially, and unfortunately, most are trading one addiction for another.

The tragic results are tens of thousands of Americans trapped in the methadone addiction prison. Methadone is considered to be far more difficult to get off of than the original heroin – some in the detox industry citing it to be two or three times as difficult.

Stopping Methadone

Especially with high-dose Methadone addiction — stopping is difficult and dangerous without help, and almost no one can complete a Methadone detox on their own.

Novus Medical Detox® Has The Answer

Novus Medical Detox® Center has developed innovative methadone medical detox protocols that allow even high-dosage methadone dependencies to be stepped down to zero — off all opioids — in as little as one to two weeks. Novus has even helped methadone detox patients taking in excess of many hundreds of mgs of methadone a day to achieve full detoxification, experiencing an absolute minimum of discomfort.

Find Out More

Call a Methadone Detox Advisor at (855) 464-8550 to find out how you can get your life back with the safe, effective, comfortable methadone detox at Novus Medical Detox™.

High Dose Methadone Detox

Most Detox Centers will not accept patients on anything over 80 mg of methadone. Most people on high doses of methadone for years have lost hope of ever getting off this drug in their lifetime.

But, at Novus, we have become the National Experts at detoxing people on high doses of methadone in the safest, most comfortable detox available. In fact, many detox facilities around the country refer their high dose cases to us.


We develop an individualized medical detox program specifically for each of our patients, which means no recovery will look the same. Our delicious food, nutritional IVs and supplements, and specialized detox protocols are all designed to quicken the healing process. We understand that various addictions present a number of issues for the human body, so we create our IVs and diets to fit the needs of specific withdrawal symptoms.

Our process is all about you, which is why we have private and shared rooms available for our residents. Each room is outfitted with a TV, telephone, and access to the internet. We also provide educational classes that will show you how the drug or alcohol of your choice affects your body. We believe that to effectively fight off your withdrawal symptoms, it is important to know what you are fighting against and what to be prepared for.

  • Personalized Detox Programs
  • Quality, Patient Focused Care
  • Medical & Personal Support with 24/ Accessibility
  • Enjoy a Therapeutic, Spa-Like Environment
  • Our Programs Combine the Best Medications & Holistic Supplements
  • We Offer Private or Comfortable-Shared Rooms

Success Stories

For a Sustainable Sobriety™
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