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Gabapentinoids Used as Recreational Drugs
Gabapentinoids Used as Recreational Drugs

A couple of "sister drugs" are relatively recent players in the recreational drug scene, and they both might bear a closer look by those involved in addiction treatment. Recent studies confirm that both gabapentin and pregabalin, two popular gabapentinoids, are associated ...

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  • Is Addiction Treatment Worth the Cost? The Numbers Say YES!

    There's lots of on-going talk about the incalculable personal losses caused by substance use disorders across the country. There's even occasional ...

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  • A National First: Buprenorphine Treatment at Overdose Scenes

    When is the best time to initiate commitment to addiction treatment? There is no single answer to this crucial question - everyone's different, and ...

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  • Examining Opioid-Related Overdoses One at a Time

    Other states may want to take notice of an ambitious research program underway in Utah that is studying opioid-related overdose deaths one at a time . ...

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  • Global Alcohol Consumption Has Risen 70% Since 1990

    In most countries studied, drinkers are drinking more than they used to - alcohol consumption is increasing faster than the number of new drinkers - ...

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  • Abby Wambach: DUI Arrest Was the Wakeup Call That Worked

    (Novus writes inspirational stories of people in the news who have overcome addiction. This is not to imply that these people are connected to Novus ...

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  • Are Millennials Turning Away From Alcohol?

    A trendy new bar recently opened in Brooklyn, NY, called Getaway, and it's doing very well indeed. In fact, it's usually crowded when all the other ...

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  • Too Many Veterans Trapped by Addiction

    Each year on the last Monday of May, Americans pay tribute to those members of our United States Armed Forces who have died while serving their ...

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  • Opioid Overdose Deaths Decline When Pharmacists Can Dispense Naloxone Without a Prescription

    Fewer fatal opioid overdoses occur in areas where naloxone is available without a prescription, says a new study by the RAND Corporation. Naloxone ...

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  • Science Finds Frightening New Reasons to Seek Early Treatment for Alcoholism

    Several recent studies offer compelling new reasons to seek treatment sooner rather than later for alcohol use disorder (AUD). Until now, efforts to ...

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  • “Novus saved my life and is hands down the greatest, most thorough detox I have ever been to. I will be eternally grateful for everyone and all of the ...”


  • “There’s always light in horrible situations even if they don’t go as planned; I love you all.”


  • “This is the best of the best, Novus has exceeded expectations. This is very beneficial and well worth the money. Don’t fear coming here, once you’re ...”


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  • “Thank you for helping me get into a program, I am going to take advantage of this! All the staff made my day awesome!”


  • “This is the best detox I have been to because they really care. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.””


  • “I’m too hard headed to have a breakthrough in 4 days but I would share with everyone that the care and treatment I received here was world-class. I ...”


  • “I was thrilled with the compassion and kindness by the entire staff – the encouragement as well!”


  • “You are all so kind and caring! Thank you for not only saving my life but actually making me think about MY life. XOXO”


  • “One is too many, one thousand is never enough.”


  • “Care was exceptional. I would hands down recommend Novus to ANYONE struggling with addiction.”


  • “It really was a great experience. One I shall never forget. It was made so easy for me because I was expecting something gut wrenching and physically ...”


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