New Year, New You: Considering Recovery as Your New Year’s Resolution?

New Year, New You: Considering Recovery as Your New Year’s Resolution?

For many people struggling with dependency or addiction, the winter holidays and New Year can be more challenging than other times of the year. That’s due in large part to the potential for more temptations and triggers which can prevent a person from fully committing to, or even starting on, their road to recovery. It also has a fair bit to do with the psychological and emotional toll that comes with reflecting on the past year, and the one to come.

Whether you’re fully committed to making a change now or still battling barriers to recovery, there’s no denying the fact that the winter months, holidays, and New Year comprise a timeline of triggers and introspection. For many, these two things can create feelings of frustration, doubt, and hopelessness. You’re not alone in feeling this way, especially now. However, it’s not the only way you can feel.

Thing to Think About When it Comes to a Recovery-Based Resolution

With the end of 2018 approaching, now is a great time to put meaningful thought to what your New Year’s resolution will be, what you want to achieve, and, most importantly, how you’ll get there. If your resolution revolves around getting clean through safe, medical means and staying that way, Novus Detox® is here to help.

Below our team of caring and compassionate professionals has put together a few important things to consider as you approach the New Year, and the New You:

  • Resolutions alone don’t produce change – Studies show most people who set New Year’s resolutions, be they eating healthier, exercising more, or moving up the corporate ladder, end up abandoning those goals within a matter of weeks. The same is undoubtedly true for those accustomed to what can be a discouraging cycle of addiction at any time of year, as wishful thinking alone won’t make your resolution a reality. The key to making the most of your resolution is to support it with committed action and meaningful changes to your behavior and thinking. Should fear of withdrawal pain, sickness, and stress deter you from taking the decisive steps you need to take, or continuing on the road to recovery, you can find support with Novus Detox; both for immediate medical detoxification and the clarity, comprehensiveness, and support required as you prepare for the next steps of your recovery.
  • Positivity is important – Researchers note that the way people view their resolutions, or any goal for that matter, can have a major effect on whether they stick to them, even when they must face challenges, fears, and frustration. In fact, the enjoyment people feel when they begin to see the fruits of their labor and the benefits of their resolution, such as physical detoxification and emotional clarity, is the single greatest factor behind successful resolutions. Resolving to stay positive can go a long way when it comes to becoming the “New You” you want to become. It’s precisely why we at Novus strive to create an atmosphere that helps patients not only feel comfortable and safe, but also positive about the next steps of their journeys.
  • Making it through the holidays – The holidays and New Year’s in particular may be a time for self-reflection and resolution-setting, but it is also a time filled with temptations and triggers. It is ultimately your decision how you choose to navigate the holidays, but it is also important to consider your decisions and actions if you are taking steps toward a New You. For example, experts recommend setting boundaries for yourself, such as avoiding certain people, places, or things that are the biggest triggers for you, as well as limitations for how you will enjoy the holidays, such as limiting the amount of time you stay at a gathering or celebration.
  • On the way out and moving forward – The inherent struggle of addiction can make the holidays a difficult time, but if you are committed to a fresh start, you may need to consider what is truly most important in your life and what you can do to set yourself up for success. If that’s sobriety, better health, and a better way of living, then do your best to base your decisions around that frame of mind. Experts in particular strongly caution against using the New Year and the promise of recovery as an excuse for overindulging as your last hoorah, as it can have serious health consequences and increase risks of overdose. It can also create uncertainty and second-guessing that delay your decisive steps toward detox and recovery. Of course, everyone is different and there’s no right or wrong way to want to change. What’s more important is not feeling discouraged if you’re not ready just yet, especially during the holidays, and perhaps more important than that is making the effort to go through with your goals, and start the process in the safest and best possible circumstances. For that, Novus is here to help.
  • Self-reflection for the future – For anyone who has tumbled through the cycle of goals, repeated attempts, backsliding, and relapse, the ups and downs of addiction can certainly be frustrating. More often, though, they become the fears and patterns we tend to avoid, push off, or minimize. As you come closer to that New Year we so often view as a psychological fresh start, it may be worth some contemplative self-reflection, not only about the things you want to change, but also what you want to accomplish. Like most others who set New Year’s resolutions, these goals may have to do with better health, financial and professional stability, and positive relationships with friends and family, though they may stem directly from an addiction or dependency.
  • Lean on a system of support – Relapse is a common barrier to sustained sobriety, and the risks of such increase when people try to navigate the process on their own. Whether you’ve tried on your own in the past or not, leaning on a support system, especially in the earliest stages, can truly make a difference. That system of support isn’t just limited to friends or family either, it can also include caring medical professionals, support groups, and others in the field of addiction.

Your Fresh Start: It’s More than a Resolution

Making a New Year’s resolution can certainly provide some underlying spark to your fresh start, but for those battling addiction, two of the most important things to remember are:

  • Change requires committed action; and
  • Detoxifying the body from drugs and alcohol is a matter of greater seriousness than simply cutting out sugary foods, or spending less time watching TV. It demands a safe, personalized, and medically supportive environment.

At Novus Detox, we have built our program on these two concepts. From our propriety methods and specially compounded medicines to our state-of-the art facilities, professional and caring staff, and comprehensive services and resources, everything about the Novus Difference is designed to help patients tackle the most significant barriers to Sustainable Sobriety. If now is the time for a New You, our doors and detox programs are always open.

Contact us online or call (855) 464-8550 24/7 to learn how Novus Detox can help you get started on the road to recovery.

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