Why would you want to live like that for years, when you could be drug-free?

Why would you want to live like that for years, when you could be drug-free?

“Why would you want to live like that for years, when you could be drug-free?” When a long term opiate addict now in recovery says he chose to get off drugs – all drugs – instead of going on a methadone program that could trap him for years, maybe it’s time more people paid attention to what he and thousands like him have to say. Nicholas Colvin of Annapolis, MD, a former opiate addict, told the Maryland Capital Gazette recently, “I haven't heard of a long-term success story for methadone. You're still in that mind frame — you need this other substance to get your day started, illegal or not. Why would you want to live like that for years when you could be drug-free? It's another form of control and it's not freedom.” Colvin said he's been drug-free since July 6, 2012. And he says he “beat his addiction to heroin, cocaine and Percocet without methadone.” So Colvin is living proof – one of millions around the world – who have gotten themselves free from opiate addiction without relying on a secondary addiction to methadone, in the hope that someday, somehow, you’ll manage to get off methadone.

But those tens of thousands of Americans are buying the methadone fairy tale from a lot of heavy hitters – people calling themselves addiction experts and even scientists. People like Dr. Babak Imanoel, medical director of Adult Addiction in Maryland. According to the Gazette, Imanoel said that methadone isn't meant to cure addiction but treat it. He said it is the most effective because it relieves pain and gives patients structure. “What people want to focus on,” Imanoel told the Gazette, “is ‘How long do you have to be on this?’ My answer is how long does someone with diabetes have to be on insulin?” Well there you have it. The good doctor, a self-styled addiction “expert,” is clearly stating that once an opiate addict has been switched to methadone, that’s it for life. Because any doctor will tell you, cases of coming back from diabetes and insulin are, well, pretty much zero. Our reply to Dr. Imanoel’s claim that methadone “relieves pain and gives patients structure.” You want to be free of pain and get some structure back in your life?

GET OFF OPIATES!!! NOW!!! Nicholas Colvin said from his experience, inpatient care is most effective but it isn't accessible to most drug addicts because they usually lack insurance. Colvin went to an inpatient program in Crownsville, MD, called Hope House, that offers counseling, support and medical care. He became a certified recovery specialist after completing the program himself. Colvin said prisoners released after completing their sentences are directed for continued treatment at Dr. Imanoel’s methadone clinic. But, Colvin added that he saw many people relapse and find their way back to jail. When questioned about this, Imanoel told the Gazette that relapses at the clinic's methadone program are “common” but the counselors and nurses “work with the patients” to get them back on track.

Meanwhile, the methadone proponents trumpet loudly about their low relapse rates. It’s those who attempt to get off opiates without an alternative drug like methadone that do all the relapsing, they say. Maybe they should pay a visit to a real methadone clinic and take a really good look. Just like Nicholas Colvin and countless thousands of others, people are getting their lives back every day across America without having to stay addicted for goodness knows how long to a secondary opiate like methadone. First of all, methadone is not a “treatment.” The word “treatment” means to relieve or cure something. Repeat: Relieve or cure something. So what is the “something” you’re trying to treat? It’s called Addiction - the need to consume a drug every day in order to survive. You’re trying to relieve or cure addiction.

So what is methadone? An opiate. What does it do? Keeps you addicted. Now, explain how anyone can say that giving methadone to an opiate addict is a “treatment”? It does nothing to relieve addiction, because you’re still addicted. So it certainly does nothing to cure addiction. To actually treat the addiction, to relieve or cure addiction now, you need to get off methadone. But you could have done that with the heroin or Vicodin or Oxycodone in the first place. That is the message Nicholas Colvin was trying to convey at the outset of this blog. Now comes the second, and even more horrifying aspect of methadone so-called treatment:

  1. It’s more difficult to get off then heroin or oxycodone or hydrocodone or any other opiate. It takes longer and it hurts more.
  2. As the tolerance for methadone increases, you need more every day to ward off withdrawal symptoms.
  3. So the longer you are on methadone, the greater the chances of raising your dosage to levels that are widely considered UNtreatable.

So much for methadone “treatment.” The punch-line for this scary scenario is this. If an addict decides that the time has finally come to become drug free at last, getting off a high-dose methadone addiction can be a nightmare. Stepping down from a high dose, even with medical assistance, can be an invitation to failure. Also, few drug detox centers will accept high-dose methadone addicts for treatment – real treatment, that is, getting free from addiction once and for all. You have to look far and wide to find a reliable detox clinic that knows how to deal with high dose methadone addiction. Because it is not an easy thing to do without a lot of specialized knowledge and experience. Here at Novus, we have that knowledge and experience. We are one of the few medical detox centers in the country that accepts high-dose methadone patients. We routinely achieve great results, and our patients leave feeling better than they’ve felt in years. They’ve finally won their years-long battle for independence from daily shots of methadone.

At last, they are drug free and ready to get their lives back. If you or someone you care about is in trouble with opiate dependence or addiction, do everyone a favor. Call Novus and get the help you need right now. Don’t opt for the methadone addiction prison. Let us help get you or your loved one off drugs, right now.

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