Survey: Half of All Americans Think Detox & Rehab Beats Methadone for Treating Opiate Addiction

Survey: Half of All Americans Think Detox & Rehab Beats Methadone for Treating Opiate Addiction

Half of all Americans think complete abstinence from drugs - after doing detox and rehab - is better than trying to treat opiate addiction by giving persons suffering from addiction more opiates as a substitute, like methadone or Suboxone.

Only 19 percent of Americans favor treating opiate addiction with other drugs under medical supervision. These findings, from a new survey by Huffington Post, fly in the face of a widely accepted "medically assisted treatment" modality, which calls for methadone or other drugs with some counseling, instead of detox and rehab and abstention from drugs. But there it is - only one-fifth agree with treating addiction with addictive methadone and other drugs, while half of all Americans come down on the opposite side of the fence from the so-called addiction experts and say people suffering from addiction are better off just getting off drugs right now.

Huffington's editors clearly disagreed with a majority of their survey respondents. The headline for their article reads, "Science Be Damned: Americans Prefer Broken Method Of Heroin Treatment." And then it went on to quote statistics that have brought many addiction professionals to condemn the abstention approach and instead support the "medically assisted treatment" idea - their "gold standard of treatment." They point out that some studies show how abstention from drugs has a high relapse rate. Some quote statistics of a 90 percent relapse rate in abstinence-based treatment. They don't, however, provide reliable sources for such statistics. And they seldom quote any reliable statistics about the relapse rates for people who manage to get through "medically assisted treatment." To half of all Americans - those who favor medical detox followed by rehabilitation and abstention from drugs - it appears that the "medically assisted treatment" crowd is cherry-picking from the most blighted and non-productive cherry trees around, to come up with such statistics.

Apparently they aren't listening to the tens of thousands of people who formerly experienced addiction who are now successfully living their lives free from drugs of any kind. What is "medically assisted treatment" anyway? Medically assisted treatment means replacing the opiate of addiction with a drug provided in a clinical environment, and while taking the alternate drug, get some counseling. The idea is to never ask someone addicted to drugs to get off drugs now. Instead, have them remain addicted and take legal, medically provided drugs instead. And keep taking it until, well, some future time when you might feel it's ok to stop. Or start trying to stop. Something like that.

Some of these self-declared addiction experts even claim that those addicted to heroin should just be given doctor-provided heroin. "Oh, you want to get off heroin? OK, here's some more heroin." You can get a headache trying figure out that kind of logic. You keep asking yourself, "When is this person EVER going to actually GET OFF DRUGS?" So, while people are taking their substitute opiate for an undetermined period of time, they're allegedly receiving regular counseling. Sorry, but we see reports all the time from methadone clinic prisoners, er, patients, who say they seldom get counseling, they just say no thanks, swallow their methadone, and leave.

Many others say they've never even been offered counseling , just offered more methadone. And then there's a substantial number that smuggle their methadone out of the clinic in their mouth and then, outside, spit it into a cup and sell it on the street! Anyway, at some indeterminate future time, people on methadone are supposed to begin the "weaning" process - slowly reducing the amount of methadone or other drug they're taking until, if they can keep their weaning process going and not relapse, they reach that hoped-for Nirvana, a life free from drugs. Well, to half of America, and to us, it sure seems like a long and tortuous journey trying to get to the same place they could have reached just by doing a modern medical detox and effective, long-term rehab in the first place. We have more to say about this and will continue next week in Part 2 of this article.

Here at Novus, we're right there with the half of America who want people to get free of drugs now, not next month or next year or maybe never. We feel very strongly about the excellence and effectiveness of our proprietary medical detox protocols. And we're very proud that our advanced treatment protocols also include the ability to effectively treat high-dose methadone patients who are routinely turned away from most other detox centers. Continued next week in Part 2 of this article.

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