Florida Alcohol Detox Treatment Programs Could Save Thousands of Lives

Florida Alcohol Detox Treatment Programs Could Save Thousands of Lives

All across America, alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence both continue to ruin families and careers, cut lives short through accidents, crime and overdoses, and waste billions of dollars due to medical, legal and downtime costs.

Here in Florida, the story is much the same. Educational campaigns at all levels of society are failing to achieve significant improvement in detox treatment programs. While thousands of Floridians continue to play, work and even drive while drunk, Florida alcohol detox programs often operate below capacity.

In other words, drinkers are not actively seeking the Florida alcohol treatment they so desperately need, putting themselves-and the rest of us-at risk.

  • Question: Why don't individual drinkers take more responsibility for the devastation that their alcohol dependence and abuse causes?

    Answer: Alcohol abuse obliterates logical, ethical thought. People under the influence do bad things, but that doesn't make them bad people.
  • Question: What about the "authorities"? Shouldn't they taking more effective action to end the carnage caused by alcohol abuse? Or are they simply puppets of the profit-driven alcohol industry?

    Answer: In the 1920s, even Prohibition accomplished very little. Demand was high, alcohol was made available and a lot of money changed hands. No easy answers here.
  • Question: Are we just a nation of drinkers? Is alcohol abuse in our genes? Are we helpless to overcome it?

    Answer: No, on all counts. Drinking is an acquired habit. There may be a genetic component to addiction but it doesn't cause drinking, and although it takes courage and a lot of determined help to admit an alcohol abuse problem, people get sober every day.

National survey: Drinkers delay reaching for alcohol treatment and detox

Not too long ago, a major survey by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) provided clear evidence that drinkers are not taking responsibility for their problems soon enough.

The NIAAA survey found that:

  • Nearly a third of all Americans, at some time in their lives, qualifies as dependent on alcohol, or are regular alcohol abusers.
  • But only a fraction of them ever receive alcohol treatment or detox of any kind.
  • Many others don't get treatment for 10 years or more, during which their drinking gets worse, along with their health and their chances of surviving to old age.
  • Only 24 percent of alcohol-dependent drinkers received treatment, and only seven percent of alcohol abusers received treatment.
  • The survey didn't even attempt to answer why so few people reach for alcohol detox or why it can take 10 years to seek help.

Florida's college kids battle alcohol abuse

The NIAAA survey found that most people's alcohol problems begin when they're still in their early 20s. And the small fraction that do reach for alcohol detox and rehab wait until they're in their 30s-that is, if they reach for and receive any alcohol treatment at all.

Other surveys have found that many young people don't start drinking until college, but alcohol abuse at colleges, especially binge-drinking, has become acceptable. Drinkers aged 18 to 24 are among the most likely to die from alcohol abuse. There are 1,400 student deaths each year, 500,000 injuries and 70,000 cases of sexual assault and date rape. And a quarter of all college kids admit to driving while under the influence of alcohol.

In Florida, binge drinking and partying with alcohol continues to be a problem. Some progress has been made in recent years, thanks to anti-drinking education campaigns. But the avalanche of thousands of spring break drinkers into South Florida every year shows how widespread the alcohol abuse problem continues to be.

Florida seniors suffer alone from alcohol abuse

Meanwhile, the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration says the number of Americans over 50 needing help for alcohol dependence and drug problems is going to increase more than 500 percent by the year 2020. Because of its inordinate number of retirees among the population, the need for Florida alcohol treatment programs is going to dwarf today's requirements.

Yet one in every six adults age 60 or older is already suffering from alcohol dependence or regular alcohol abuse. And among the elderly, alcohol abuse is more likely to lead to health problems. One in six is worse than it sounds, because many seniors drink alone, and no one notices or cares what's happening. For this reason, some Florida health care officials call alcohol abuse among seniors "the silent epidemic".

Also, and very important, alcohol often hits elderly people much harder than it does younger people. The ability to metabolize alcohol becomes compromised as we age. One or two drinks can send a senior literally reeling across the floor or driving into a storefront, or a sidewalk full of kids.

Florida alcohol treatment and detox programs

Here in Florida, alcohol detox programs are widely available for the treatment of alcohol problems, yet the alcohol-related accidents, crimes and sudden deaths continue unabated. Florida's drinking problems span all age groups, from pre-teens and teens to college kids to seniors. Occupation and social status are also no protection against alcohol dependence and abuse.

More people should address their alcohol abuse by enrolling in one of the many Florida alcohol treatment programs across the state. And if long-term alcohol dependence is the case, a stint in alcohol rehab is an absolute must after alcohol detox.

Why Choose Novus Medical Detox Center for your Alcohol Treatment?

Patients choose Novus Medical Detox Center for their convenient Florida alcohol treatment program because it offers medical supervision 24 hours a day, an experienced, expert and caring staff, and a medical and nutritional program designed specifically for each patient. This is the approach that offers a much higher than average chance to achieve a life free from alcohol dependence.

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