Why Are So Many Methadone Detox Patients On Higher Daily Dosages?

Why Are So Many Methadone Detox Patients On Higher Daily Dosages?

The problem of finding detox clinics willing and capable of treating patients on higher dosages of methadone – 100mg, 150mg, 200mg and higher – has been with us for many years. But it’s getting worse with each passing day. The number of people needing methadone detox for higher daily dosages is growing faster than the number of clinics willing to accept them. It’s well known that most clinics are not equipped to deal with the medical challenges of coming off higher dosage methadone habits. Also, the longer you use methadone – or any narcotic like heroin or morphine – the more you will probably need just to maintain your desired state. So as these numbers grow, we’re faced with the question: “Why are the number of methadone patients on higher dosages growing so rapidly? Where the heck are they all coming from anyway?” At least part of the answer appears to be a fast-growing, highly-profitable “methadone clinic industry.” New commercial methadone clinics seem to be sprouting up everywhere you look these days. And many are owned and operated by multi-state corporations with a big financial stake in the methadone addiction business. Obviously, growing the numbers of methadone patients is what makes it a growth industry.

Methadone detox would lose paying patients

The flip side, losing patients to weaning (stepping down off the drug) and to methadone detox and rehab, is definitely counter-productive if you are a for-profit methadone clinic. Keeping people addicted to methadone while adding lots of new ones every day is the bread and butter of the commercial methadone clinic business. Another piece of the answer are the pharmaceutical companies that make methadone. There are several of them, and they’ve also got a big stake in methadone replacement clinics. Methadone is used by the medical establishment as a painkiller, but an enormous amount of it is sold to methadone clinics across the country. The chemical make-up of the methadone used in clinics isn’t always the same as the form used to treat pain. But both forms of methadone are generally manufactured by the same companies. All in all, this is a lot of methadone. It’s in the billions of dollars a year. So we wind up with the pharma people on one hand and the commercial methadone clinic people on the other, both adding their voices to the chorus already emanating from the addiction experts at all levels of government, health care and academia, praising the “good results” of methadone replacement therapy.

Methadone detox is preferable to a lifetime of addiction

Hey, we don’t for a second dispute the fact that methadone has helped some opioid addicts get off the street, get back to work and once again care for themselves and their families. Of course, no one can dispute that not being addicted to any drug at all is a far better solution. But what the commercial methadone clinics, pharmaceutical companies and so-called experts aren’t promoting are the not-so-shiny stories of thousands of methadone-addicted patients trapped by their methadone dosage levels. With few if any options for ever getting free at a detox clinic, they’ve tried over and over to step down their dosages themselves and failed. They’ve tried over and over to go cold turkey and failed. It’s called “methadone liquid handcuffs” and you never get out of ‘em. Anyone facing the crushing pain and misery of methadone withdrawal knows it’s so much worse than coming off heroin or morphine that there’s almost no comparison. The range of symptoms are not to be trifled with. They range from lightheadedness down through nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe itching, fever, sweating, chills and tremors, and many more, all the way down to sudden cardiac arrest and death. The higher the dose the worse these are. And they get even worse each time a person detoxes.

Many grim stories could be changed by methadone detox

Let’s not forget the thousands of unfortunate methadone addicts still using heroin, benzos and other drugs, while supposedly legitimate patients of methadone clinics. These are lost people, functioning outside the concept of “methadone therapy” and being kept in that state partly by the clinic itself. It’s common for such people to leave clinics holding their un-swallowed methadone dose in their mouth, and then spitting it out into a paper cup and selling it as soon as they hit the street so they can go score some heroin. Countless others, allowed to take a week’s worth of methadone home with them, immediately sell it to other addicts so they can score their favored drugs. The real story of methadone replacement cannot be summed up by pointing out those few people who got back to work and back with their families. Many of these will remain addicted to methadone for the rest of their lives – perfect customers for the commercial clinics. The others, still using multiple drugs, will never escape the lonely streets where methadone clinics are helping keep them. There’s got to be a better way. And there is: methadone detox at Novus Medical Detox Clinic in Florida. Novus is one of the few clinics with the know-how and experience to handle methadone dosages of any level. That’s right – any level.

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