Our Facilities Help Set Novus Apart From The Others

Our Facilities Help Set Novus Apart From The Others

Part of what sets Novus apart from other detox centers are our world-class facilities where we deliver the most advanced and effective alcohol and drug detox solutions. Set on 3.25 secluded, wooded acres near Florida's gulf coast, Novus Medical Detox Center offers everything needed to make detox as safe, secure and comfortable as possible. Whether watching TV or surfing the 'net, taking a walk around the grounds or just lounging for a while in the shade, patients say they feel relaxed and at home at Novus. Novus staff - medical, technical and administrative - are caring and professional to the core. As soon as someone arrives they begin to see the Novus philosophy at work - every guest treated with dignity and respect. The circumstances that have brought them to a medical detox center have no bearing on how anyone is perceived. Patients come to Novus for one purpose only - to break free of their dependence on drugs or alcohol and set out on their journey to full recovery. Our purpose is to help make that journey as safe and comfortable, and direct and successful, as humanly possible. And that can only be accomplished if everyone is fully cared for with the same degree of skill and compassion - no strings attached. In other words, our patients are never treated as delinquents or someone who has "done wrong."

In fact, many of our accredited addiction counselors and technicians are recovered from drug problems of their own in the past. Novus patients soon become aware of the empathy that such a shared experience brings to their relationships here, and how comforting and helpful that can be. They also can't escape the fact that these highly trained, capable and caring experts are testaments to the reality that full recovery is possible. Everyone who has come to Novus says eventually that this place, and this experience, is remarkable. From our thorough but friendly intake procedure to our enormously effective detox programs, our health and nutritional protocols and our safe, home-like environment, Novus makes drug and alcohol detox as positive as such an experience can possibly be.

Novus facilities include private rooms or comfortable shared rooms, each with telephone, TV, DVD player and high-speed internet access. Patients always remark on the incredibly delicious food, but it should be mentioned that it is also incredibly healthful and nutritious, because it's all part of the healing process. The Novus Detox® protocols take nutritional support several steps beyond the dining room. Patients receive special IVs of vitamins, minerals and nutritional elements that help strengthen the body's reaction to the stress of detox, making that process easier to take. Novus detox protocols also ensure that hydration is properly maintained since it's a critical factor during withdrawal. These elements are continually balanced and adjusted as needed throughout the detox process. There's never any 'one-size-fits-all' detox offered at Novus. Novus Medical Detox Center facilities, protocols and professionally accredited staff, consistently provide the highest success rate obtainable. Not only that, many patients who are ready to go home after successfully completing their detox say they're in better health than before they became dependent. Anyone with a substance abuse problem of any kind should call Novus immediately. We will answer all your questions, and point you in the right direction.

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