What Is The Best Way To Quit Drinking?

What Is The Best Way To Quit Drinking?

We hear a lot of different answers to the question, ‘What’s the best way to quit drinking?’ Most of them are dangerous at best, and deadly at worst. Here are some typical answers, from the worst up to the best: “Just stop!” Worst idea of all. First, quitting alcohol cold turkey can be fatal. Second, for every alcoholic that can “just stop” there are countless thousands who absolutely cannot. You only hear this answer from people who know nothing about alcoholics, or about what happens when you drink alcohol. “Cut down your drinking a little each day until you’ve stopped.” Oh right, like that’s going to happen. You might as well tell someone to stop breathing a little more each day until they can quit breathing altogether. To an alcoholic, it’s the drink that’s keeping him or her going. “Take oxycodone or Xanax to chill out, and drink less each day until you can quit.” There are drugs that are sometimes prescribed during alcohol detox.

Xanax (an anti-anxiety drug) and oxycodone (a narcotic painkiller, basically legal heroin), are not those drugs. They also have the highest overdose death rates in the United States. Aside from being addictive, taking them with alcohol can be deadlier than quitting cold turkey. “Just do an alcohol detox program. In other words, find a detox center somewhere, get admitted, and hope it works.” Saying “alcohol detox program” at least suggests a professional, experienced facility. But there are detox centers, and then there are alcohol specialist medical detox centers.

Ordinary detox centers don’t specialize in medical alcohol detox, and don’t provide a tailored detox program for each patient’s body, metabolism and circumstance and provide excellent medical supervision. They don’t do proper medical workups on each patient, and they don’t provide proper medical care during detox. You’re at risk detoxing in one of these “one size fits all” detox centers. And the best way to quit drinking alcohol is… Happily, there is a best way to quit drinking, and it’s called “medical alcohol detox” – but only if it’s a specialized medical detox facility that combines the most safety, and the most comfort. There aren’t too many of these.

Novus Medical Detox Center is one of the very few that qualifies – safest, most comfortable. We help people detox from alcohol all the time, and guess what? They get off alcohol every time, and they can’t believe how much easier it was than they expected it to be. Isn’t it great that the safest and most comfortable alcohol detox is also the most successful? Plus, Novus provides private rooms, great home-cooked meals, internet access, your own TV and DVD player, and the most experienced, and the nicest people, you could ever hope to meet. Call Novus today and get all the facts about the Best Way to Quit Drinking.

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