College Binge Drinking Can Lead to Alcoholism & Need for Alcohol Detox And Rehab

College Binge Drinking Can Lead to Alcoholism & Need for Alcohol Detox And Rehab

It's that time of year again, when kids across the country pour onto college campuses and celebrate their freedom by pouring way too much alcohol down their throats. AKA: College Binge Drinking.

These kids aren't alcohol-addicted alcoholics. But far too many overdo the "party hearty" thing every weekend and indulge in what's called binge drinking - heavy consumption of alcohol in a short period of time, the only purpose being to get intoxicated. Of course, in spite of messages to "drink responsibly", alcohol advertising continues to glamorize it and never mentions the dangers.

Hundreds more come close to death after being rushed to nearby hospitals suffering from potentially fatal alcohol poisoning - the term for alcohol overdose. Lucky for them, someone was still sober enough to dial 911. And hopefully, the affected student doesn't already have an alcohol problem extensive enough to require an alcohol detox program.

In spite of the best efforts of emergency room physicians, however, every year a few college kids don't survive their encounter with binge alcohol drinking. What was supposed to be a celebration turns into a tragedy, for their families, their fellow students and the entire college population. Here are bright young people with their entire lives ahead of them, kids who are not alcoholics, with their lives tragically snuffed out by alcohol.

And in spite of continually updated, upgraded, carefully considered and thoughtfully wrought rules, regulations, policies, and student and faculty advisories about drinking alcohol and taking drugs on campuses, beleaguered American college administrations are often targeted as responsible for such tragedies. But surely, parents are at least as responsible as the school, if not more so. When all is said and done, it is up to parents to prepare students for life away from home.

Binge drinking, alcohol-related accidents and budding alcoholism on campuses across America, are all preventable, yet have led many colleges to install alcohol detox facilities right on campus.

If something isn't done to effectively slow down all the boozing at colleges, we are going to see more and more accidental alcohol-related deaths and near deaths, and the need for alcohol detox among college kids is going to continue to escalate.

Blackout signals danger, but chronic alcoholism is a slow death

College kids dying from alcohol poisoning is indeed tragic. But the vast majority of kids who binge drink, and live to tell about it, do it all over again next weekend. These kids may be setting themselves up for tragedy as well - either the sudden, unexpected death of alcohol poisoning, or it's opposite, the dragged-out, long-term slow death of chronic, life-long alcoholism.

These are college kids who go beyond what some people might consider an "acceptable level" of intoxication on a regular basis. Of course, drug and alcohol researchers will tell you that laboratory testing confirms there is no "acceptable level", not in terms of the damage to DNA and brain cells caused by alcohol.

Nevertheless, plenty of college women, as well young men, continue to drink to such excess that they frequently have zero recall the next morning of what happened the night before. This is called an alcoholic "black-out".

Although many of them find it laughable, or a "badge of courage", alcoholic black-out is a red flag to medical professionals. Black-out says, "Here is someone who is experiencing the same side effects as long-term alcoholics. This could be alcohol brain damage. This is a person who is a serious accident just waiting to happen."

Never mind that a habitually drunk student is damaging his or her chances of doing well at school, and risking their future to a life as an alcoholic. Struggling to get and hold a job after graduation while a slave to alcohol is not the kind of future anyone wants.

Yet tens of thousands of college kids refuse to hear such messages, which are prevalent at colleges everywhere as posters, handouts and seminars. Instead, they proceed to get falling-down-black-out drunk weekend after weekend.

This is an open door to chronic alcoholism. This is the beginning of the end. And it is the same across the country, in every state, at almost every college. Here in Florida, alcoholism and the need for alcohol detox has reached all-time highs. The effects of alcohol abuse on the state of Florida have reached staggering levels.

That's why in Florida, alcohol detox is a vital service, and one which needs to be properly understood. Alcohol detox can be far more dangerous than detoxing from many addictive drugs. Alcoholism can only be safely interrupted through a modern medical alcohol detox.

Even if it's only been a few weeks or months, it is never too soon to talk to a detox advisor at Novus Medical Detox Center about an alcohol problem, and find out for sure if an alcohol detox is the right thing to do.

Whether it's your problem or a problem for someone you love, alcohol problems are a Novus specialty. We help people handle their alcohol problems every day of the week, through modern, scientific alcohol detox protocols. People come to Novus for a safer, and more comfortable, alcohol detox.

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