What you should know about heroin and heroin addicts

What you should know about heroin and heroin addicts

Because heroin is illegal, most heroin addicts live their lives in constant fear of getting busted. And getting their next fix, especially getting the money to buy it, controls their lives. When the sources of legal money are gone, they turn criminal. Stealing, selling drugs, and prostitution become pretty routine. The threat of heroin overdose and death is ever present, too. Heroin is a dangerous drug. They see others dying, and death becomes a fact of the heroin life. Death stalks them night and day. Heroin detox and some rehab would be the obvious choice. Most addicts would love to get clean. But once a heroin addict has tried to detox once or twice or three times and failed, heroin detox is not an experience anyone wants to go through again. (Cold turkey heroin detox failures are about 95 percent.) Detox without proper medical intervention means terrible physical and mental anguish – vomiting, diarrhea, shaking all over, constant fear and depression, and the most unimaginably awful pain deep in the muscles and bones. A heroin detox like that is understandably put off indefinitely, no matter how badly one wants to get free of the drug.

Good news! Novus medical heroin detox

One of the reasons that so many heroin addicts can’t get through drug detox and rehab, even with some assistance, is because they’re just not healthy and strong enough to survive it. They’re malnourished and dehydrated, and the withdrawal symptoms are actually made worse because of it. Even when certain drugs or medicines are used to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, poor health can prevent the medicine from being absorbed and used properly. But when a person’s health is properly addressed with the correct nutritional program, they are more able to deal with detox and respond properly to assistive medicine. And if you can reduce the pain and misery of withdrawal, along with improving health, almost anyone can get through heroin detox. That’s exactly what we do at Novus. We build up your health and strength, and then comfortably and safely withdraw you from your heroin addiction under 24/7 medical supervision. Many patients remark on how they feel in better health after the Novus medical heroin detox than before they started taking heroin. And they’re amazed that they could eat three meals a day and sleep comfortably throughout most, and often all, of their detox program. If you or someone you know has a problem with heroin, don’t hesitate, call Novus today to get the whole story, and get all your questions answered.

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