Oxycodone Tops Florida Prescription Drug Death List

Oxycodone Tops Florida Prescription Drug Death List

Prescription drug overdoses killed nearly 1,270 people in Florida from January to June, a frightening rise of 10 percent over the previous six months. And rather predictably, the highly addictive narcotic painkiller oxycodone topped the list of killer drugs, with more deaths than alcohol, cocaine and heroin combined. Oxycodone is the active narcotic ingredient in the super-addictive and dangerous narcotic painkiller, OxyContin, responsible for record numbers of dependencies, addictions, injuries, ruined lives and overdose deaths in Florida, and across the U.S. Florida's oxycodone overdose deaths spiked 10.9 percent above the first six months of last year. A similar narcotic painkiller, hydrocodone, rose 4.1 percent over last year. The interim report, titled "Florida Medical Examiners Commission Report on Drugs Identified in Deceased Persons", from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), says prescription drugs are responsible for more deaths than all the illicit street drugs that most people associate with addiction and death. In fact, says the report, prescription drugs accounted for 81 percent of all drug occurrences. These chilling statistics confirm that America's prescription drug epidemic continues to rage out of control here in Florida. And they clearly illustrate the risk to the public of oxycodone and OxyContin, and the exploding need for more Florida oxycodone and OxyContin detox facilities.

Florida drug detox could have saved thousands of lives

According to the FDLE press release, the four drugs most frequently detected, but not labeled the main cause of death, were:
  • Alcohol was detected in 1,831 deaths.
  • Benzodiazepines were detected in 1,700 deaths - including 986 from alprazolam, commonly known as Xanax.
  • Oxycodone was detected in 1,117 deaths - the narcotic in OxyContin, commonly called "legal heroin".
  • Cocaine was detected in 603 deaths - the most abused street drug, and the only one statistically even close to prescription drugs.
The drugs that were found to have actually caused the most deaths were:
  • Oxycodone caused 715 deaths.
  • Benzodiazepines caused 597 deaths.
  • Methadone caused 336 deaths.
  • Alcohol caused 270 deaths.
  • Cocaine caused 250 deaths.
Heroin, says the report, continues to be the most lethal drug per capita, killing more people it touches than any other. The top four most lethal drugs, found to be the actual cause of death per capita, were:
  • Heroin - 83.3 percent of those with detectable heroin were killed by the heroin
  • Methadone - 75.5 percent of those with detectable methadone were killed by the methadone
  • Oxycodone - 64 percent of those with detectable oxycodone were killed by the oxycodone
  • Fentanyl - 52.5 percent of those with detectable fentanyl were killed by the fentanyl.
"It is no longer just illegal narcotics like cocaine and heroin being bought and sold on our streets. Drug dealers have made legal narcotics a top-shelf product," said FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey. "Even when used correctly by a prescribing physician, these are potent drugs. When abused, overused and mixed, they can become deadly."

In Florida, OxyContin detox at Novus is the wisest choice

OxyContin detox at Novus Medical Detox Center is the best choice you can make to begin your journey to a drug-free life. At Novus, patients get more of what really counts in an OxyContin detox program, or for any drug or alcohol:
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  • You are treated 24/7 by an experienced and caring staff.
  • Every OxyContin detox is medically supervised by experts.
  • Novus Detox® programs are personalized to match your metabolism and health needs.
  • Personal one-on-one support counseling is available if needed.
  • Novus OxyContin detox protocols create no severe shock to your body.
  • Novus protocols are so effective, many patients can keep working as usual from their phone or computer or can choose to just relax during their program.
When you leave Novus, usually within one to two weeks, you are safely withdrawn from OxyContin and any other substances, and you are not taking any new drugs.

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