Alcohol Detox Can Save Your Liver - And Your Life

Alcohol Detox Can Save Your Liver - And Your Life

Back in the 1990s, David Crosby, a founding member of the band Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, got a lucky second chance at living. The long-time heavy drinker was facing death from alcohol-related liver failure, until a successful liver transplant saved his life. Crosby’s good luck typifies the good news about liver transplants. They can save the lives of people suffering from liver failure, many of whom are alcoholics. But the bad news is that far from everyone needing a liver transplant can get one. In America today, more than 17,000 adults and children are waiting for a compatible donor, and the list is growing. While many of these desperate patients were not alcoholics, alcohol-related liver failure continues to strike people from all walks of life. Once liver failure strikes, treatment options are few. Without surgery, most people will die.

Medical alcohol detox can head off cirrhosis of the liver

Alcoholism is a one-way ticket to misery, and all alcoholics need alcohol detox right now. Only a timely medical alcohol detox, before liver damage is beyond repair, opens the door to recovery. Alcohol detox may sound like a tough choice, but liver failure is far worse, and a particularly gruesome way to die. Your liver is unique among all organs, because it can regenerate itself. The liver can actually replace damaged tissue with healthy new tissue – but only up to a point. After too much damage, it can no longer repair itself.

This damage to the liver from alcohol and other causes is called cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis is a gradual process, and it can sneak up on you. If it’s treated early enough with medical alcohol detox, followed by continued sobriety, the scarring of cirrhosis can be stopped. You need your liver to stay alive. It isn’t an organ you can do without. The liver’s job is to filter toxins, like alcohol, out of the blood and send them out of the body. Without a functioning liver, your body soon becomes “super-toxic”, and death quickly follows. The problem for many heavy drinkers is that they don’t realize until it’s too late that their liver – and their life – is in serious danger. Do you know someone who should be in detox? Timely alcohol detox and rehab could save the life of a friend or family member. Without an alcohol detox in time, the damaged, overworked liver shuts down. Now, the only hope is a liver transplant. And as we said earlier, liver transplants today are more hope than reality.

A medical alcohol detox is the best solution by far

It’s common knowledge that alcohol abuse can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. But did you know that alcohol creates a deadly array of other really serious health problems? Alcohol abuse leads to pancreatitis, epilepsy, nerve damage, heart disease, nutritional deficiencies, ulcers, sexual dysfunction, brain damage and dementia. Liver failure is the third most common cause of death for people from 45 to 65, after heart disease and cancer. Many of these people had problems with alcohol, and didn’t take advantage of a medical alcohol detox before they destroyed their liver, and their lives. You can’t count on the last ditch efforts of liver transplant surgery. Chances are high you won’t be as lucky as David Crosby. In fact, a ton of people – famous ones you’d expect would have a good shot at a transplant – weren’t so lucky either. For example, country crooner Tennessee Ernie Ford, popular jazz trumpeter Al Hirt, and even actor Peter Lawford, who was a brother-in-law of President John F. Kennedy, failed to get into detox in time to save his life. Yankee slugger Mickey Mantle, jazz immortal Charlie “Bird” Parker and even Ludwig van Beethoven might have saved their lives if they’d had the good sense to quit drinking before it was too late. Alcoholism and liver failure play no favorites.

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