Methadone Detox Success Story at Novus Medical Detox

Methadone Detox Success Story at Novus Medical Detox

My stay at Novus Medical Detox was life-changing. I've tried and tried to think of anything at all that could possibly be improved upon and... I could think of nothing. The personal care and attention by every staff member was unlike any that I could have foreseen or that I have ever experienced in my life. From the cooks, to the nurses, to the counselors and owners, there is truly an amazing group of people working here. Going from such a cold feeling devoid of life to having emotions rush back so quickly is a terrifying and at times joyful experience. I will personally miss all of the counselors that were there day and night for me and am grateful beyond words for the hope that has grown in me through such close bonds.

Food: 5 of 5. The food was amazing and both fridges somehow magically replenish themselves in minutes. I've been spoiled.

Housekeeping: 5 of 5. Housekeeping was top notch. Minutes after leaving my room looking like a bomb went off in it, to smoke a cigarette, I'd return to it looking picture perfect.

Several years ago I thought I was saving my life by going onto a Methadone Maintenance Program. I thought all roads had been ridden and all measures exhausted. In a sense I may have saved my life, or at least bought myself some time, but all I had actually done was sold my entire life over to a clinic. At first I felt relief from the chaos of having to constantly jeopardize my life with lovely pill fixes and shady people, and from the chronic pain that my pain management doctor had me convinced of. Very rapidly I went from 30mg to 120mg for a while and then in a matter of weeks up to 300 mg. It didn't take long or me to fall into a pit of hopelessness. Every morning I was surrounded by people that had spent the last 10 – 30 years on methadone. That and the willingness of my “counselor” to take me higher and higher had me convinced of the fact that I more likely than not would be a “lifer”. Having gone through withdrawals from just about every known substance and been able to kick them, I finally was convinced that I was beaten by methadone.

My life has been one of terror for the last 3 years. Terror of arrest or a surgery in which the doctors had no way to medicate me plagued me daily. My life was once again crumbling. I was taking 300 – 600mg of methadone daily. Up to 1200 at times along with 10 – 20 mg of Xanax when I entered Novus. All hope was gone, no detox would take me. 14 days after I leave here drug free and miraculously, my detox was 99% pain free. I leave with hope and full support of my family. Words cannot describe the miracles that I have gone through and witnessed during my stay. I truly believe that Novus Detox has been put in place piece by piece and person by person by God himself. For so many amazing people to come together, each playing their part to re-instill hope, health and life to so many “hopeless” cases is no accident.

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