Alcohol Detox Is Your Next Step If You Answer Even One Question 'Yes'

Alcohol Detox Is Your Next Step If You Answer Even One Question 'Yes'

If you know someone who drinks too much, or if you even suspect that you have a drinking problem yourself, keep reading. This short article can give you the little boost you need to help you or your friend get a new lease on life through alcohol detox. First, you need to understand that alcoholism, or alcohol abuse, is not nearly as complicated as some so-called experts would have you believe. In fact, it’s only people who are complex, each with his or her own infinitely different thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, and of course, problems. What is the same about all alcohol abusers is how they really feel about their alcohol addiction, the kinds of problems it causes, and how they all have the same chance to regain normal lives through alcohol detox, usually followed by a good alcohol rehab program.

Because alcohol abuse creates such a similar set of problems among drinkers, a simple set of questions about their drinking problem – the exact same questions – can be asked of thousands of different people, and get identical answers. There are many different such sets of test questions used to help heavy drinkers zero in on the problems their drinking might be causing, and help nudge them towards an alcohol detox program. One of the shortest, quickest, and most accurate tests around is called the RAPS4 test. RAPS4 gets its name from the four questions, which address remorse (R), amnesia (A), performance (P), and starter drinking behavior (S) – all common markers for every single alcohol abuser anywhere. Countless thousands of people have used this test to successfully make the transition from alcohol addiction to alcohol detox. This test has been shown effective in detecting alcohol dependence in the past 12 months. The questions used were already used in other similar screening tests, but this one is shorter, and easier. RAPS4 is highly effective in detecting alcohol dependence across gender and ethnic groups – white, black and Hispanic. Are you ready to try it? Being honest will be easy. No one is listening to you. You are here alone reading. Just answer each question “yes” or “no” – and pay attention to the person who matters the most – you.

Here you go:

1. Have you had a feeling of guilt or remorse after drinking?

2. Has a friend or a family member ever told you about things you said or did while you were drinking that you could not remember?

3. Have you failed to do what was normally expected of you because of drinking?

4. Do you sometimes take a drink when you first get up in the morning? If you answered "no" to all four questions, your drinking pattern is considered safe for most people and your results do not suggest that alcohol is harming your health.

A "yes" answer to at least one of the four questions suggests that your drinking is harmful to your health and well-being and may adversely affect your work and those around you. Your very next step should be to find an alcohol detox program: There’s a good chance you are confronted by alcohol addiction.

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