Alcohol Awareness Month Highlights The Need For Effective Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Awareness Month Highlights The Need For Effective Alcohol Detox

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, the annual campaign to raise public awareness of the widespread problems associated with alcoholism and alcohol abuse, and to encourage Americans to make safe, healthy choices about drinking. The campaign celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with a new theme, "One Too Many" - the old phrase referring to the final drink that leads to everything negative associated with alcohol addiction, dependence and abuse. Making the decision to say "No" to that next drink, to any drink at all in fact, is the most difficult and important decision for anyone suffering from alcoholism and alcohol dependence. That admirable, life-changing decision should be followed right away by a medically supervised alcohol detox program. Safely and successfully completing alcohol detox empowers that crucial decision with a future, with real life in the real world. We cannot stress this strongly enough: The essential first step on the journey to recovery is a safe, secure alcohol detox program, under round-the-clock medical care, done in a private clinical setting where patient health, comfort and confidentiality are the primary concerns.

Alcohol detox is the answer for those who take "one too many"

Alcohol Awareness Month was founded and sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). The annual event "encourages communities to reach out to the American public with information about alcohol and alcoholism," NCADD says. The campaign seeks to spread the fact that alcoholism is not a "moral weakness" but a treatable condition. Millions of Americans and their families, who are living alcohol-free lives in full recovery, are proof that people can and do recover from alcoholism. Some of the statistics being presented through the 2011 Alcohol Awareness Month campaign highlight the continuing need for effective alcohol detox programs across America. Alcoholism strikes people of all ages, from teens to seniors. In Florida, alcohol abuse is costing more than $21 billion a year. And in Florida, alcohol detox continues to be the most sought-after addiction problem. Close to 20 million Americans suffer from alcohol addiction, dependence and abuse, and most, if not all, are in need of alcohol detox and follow-up rehabilitation. In spite of countless generations of destroyed families, ruined careers and lost lives, millions of people continue to reach for that "one too many" that almost always leads to disaster. Although the victims of alcohol-related problems number in the tens of millions, says NCADD, it ultimately comes down to one thing and one thing only - One Too Many, the theme of this year's April campaign. NCADD's One Too Many list of consequences shows how the old phrase can be applied in many different ways to the problems of alcoholism:
  • One too many - drink and drive
  • One too many - can result in high risk behavior
  • One too many - people have died from alcoholism
  • One too many - families have been torn apart due to drinking
  • One too many - can increase your risk of cancer
  • One too many - victims of alcohol-related domestic violence, abuse, assault or homicides
  • One too many - one is too many, if you are pregnant
  • One too many - don't understand that help is available
  • One too many - children are growing up in a family with alcoholism
  • One too many - active duty military personnel and veterans need help for alcoholism
  • One too many - deaths of young people due to alcohol overdose
  • One too many - people need treatment and do not have access
  • One too many - are in jail rather than in treatment
  • One too many - can cause accidents, falls and injury to self or others
  • One too many - children are born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
  • One too many - victims of alcohol-related falls, fire deaths or accidents
  • One too many - alcohol-related suicide deaths
  • One too many - don't seek help for themselves, their family or a friend
  • One too many - workers miss work due to drinking
  • One too many - victims of drinking and driving crashes
  • One too many - still believes that recovery is not possible
  • One too many - have died from this treatable disease!
Even ONE person suffering from alcoholism is One Too Many. If you or someone you know is trapped by alcohol abuse or addiction, Novus Medical Detox Center, in Pasco County, Florida, offers an effective, comfortable, safe and private medical alcohol detox solution

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