There is Misleading Information About Methadone Detox

There is Misleading Information About Methadone Detox

When it comes to methadone detox, there’s a lot of misleading information floating around, especially on the internet. Unfortunately, most wrong-headed methadone detox data is spread by people suffering from methadone dependence. And they’re the folks who need accurate information. We see stuff like, “it can take years to taper off”, or “go get locked up in a detox center and suffer through hell for 3 or 4 weeks”, or “too bad, nobody can help you get off high dose methadone, you’re stuck for life.” Yes, methadone detox, especially from higher dose methadone dependence, is a difficult proposition for most people. But that’s ONLY because there are so few detox centers that know how to do it. It’s not because it can’t be done, they just don’t know how. So the word on the street about methadone detox has become a lot of bad news. Let’s set the record straight right now.

At Novus Medical Detox Center, advances in medical methadone detox have made methadone withdrawal completely routine. And it’s safer, faster and more comfortable than you can possibly imagine – about a week for many, and under 2 weeks for higher-dose dependencies. And you don’t go home on some other drug, you go home drug-free. Methadone detox is more important now than ever. Over a quarter-million opiate addicts have been put on methadone as “treatment” instead of just treating the opiate addiction. Doctors are prescribing highly addictive methadone for pain just because it’s cheap, risking even more addictions. And methadone is now one of the top three overdose death drugs in the nation. Obviously, methadone dependence is a widespread personal and social problem.

Today, Novus offers a real solution. Methadone dependent people, even on 200 mg or more a day, are coming to Novus from all over to get their methadone habit handled once and for all. Take a look at a methadone patient success story. So, spread the truth about methadone detox – it’s happening every day, right here at Novus.

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