Florida Drug Detox Explains Vicodin Drug Addiction

Florida Drug Detox Explains Vicodin Drug Addiction

Novus Medical Detox, Florida Drug Detox Treatment Center, explains the dangerous cycle of becoming addicted to Vicodin.

You're a business man, a housewife, a brother, aunt or uncle. But you got injured, and before you knew it, you were more than that. You were an addict. Not the stereotypical addict getting his fix in a back alley. All you had to do was go to the pharmacy to get your fix. It was that easy, that unexpected, and that unfortunate. And now the injury has healed, and you still can't get off the drug. What are you supposed to do to kick it?

First, a little background on the drug, and how you got here in the first place. Vicodin is an opiod, that is, a synthetic drug manufactured in a lab. It is a close neighbor to the opiates made from the opium plant, like codeine, morphine and herion. It is highly addictive, and the cause of countless deaths a year due to accidental overdose. Vicodin is generally prescribed for pain after injuries, or surgery. The body's natural painkillers are called endorphins. The production of endorphins is increased by the use of Vicodin in order to relieve the pain a patient is experiencing. What happens is, the body recognizes that another source for stimulating endorphin production is in action, so it slows its own natural production of endorphins down, and relies more and more on the Vicodin to bridge the gap.

The downside is, If a person who's been taking Vicodin for an extended period of time was to suddenly stop using it, the body's normal endorphin production would be too small, and they would go into painful withdrawal. This type of withdrawal requires a medical detox, because the pain is simply unbearable. Many have attempted to withdraw on their own, but were unable to finish and were driven back to taking the drugs. Ironically, most people with Vicodin addictions became addicted under a doctor's care. It could've been pain from an auto accident, a fall, a broken bone or anything, but the drug intended to control pain ends up delivering more pain in the end. At Novus Medical Detox we have pioneered advanced opiate / opioid medical detox protocols, which make withdrawal faster, safer and much more comfortable.

Part of the withdrawal process is the time it takes the patient to again produce endorphins naturally, which is dictated by the individual's DNA and is something which we carefully monitor. We know that people withdraw from all drugs differently, and we modify our withdrawal protocols for each person. At Novus we find that most of our patients who are dependent or addicted to painkillers are dehydrated and are suffering from vitamin deficiencies. We ensure that our patients are hydrated properly through the use of IVs and this, along with individually designed withdrawal protocols, is a major reason that our patients, who have detoxed before, comment that their Novus Detox® was not only much faster but much more comfortable.

Finally, our staff will administer medically supervised drugs when the withdrawal symptoms begin, after your body is ready for them. This will help ease the patient off of the Vicodin with far less painful consequences. Through proper hydration, natural supplements, good food and a withdrawal protocol designed specifically for each person, our patients experience a much milder and more comfortable withdrawal than at many other medical detox centers. When they leave our Florida Drug Detox Center, they are off all unnecessary drugs. If Vicodin dependency is destroying your life, act quickly while there is time. Don't wait for an overdose, or worse, to happen.

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