The Downside of Methadone Addiction and Methadone Treatment

The Downside of Methadone Addiction and Methadone Treatment

Methadone can be highly addictive and dangerous After confronting their problem and seeking treatment, many addicted persons enter into treatment programs that prescribe methadone as part of the "cure". But what is a cure? If a heroin or OxyContin addict is weaned off of the drug by using methadone, all that is really happening is that another drug is being substituted for the first drug that caused all the problems.

Sure, it may decrease the withdrawal symptoms, and keep the addict away from criminal activities in the search for more heroin, but the reality of the situation is that this is simply replacing one highly addictive drug with another. Not exactly something that can be considered a "cure". All that is happening is the afflicted person has been given a more safer, more affordable and legal option to continue being addicted. Just because an addict can live a more "normal" life while on methadone doesn't mean it's a really a "normal" life. The addiction is still as strong as ever, the drug of choice has just shifted.

The "normal" life of a methadone addict is really anything but normal. Methadone addicts frequently have to travel long distances to get to a clinic to replenish their supply. They must associate with unsavory individuals while visiting these clinics, with a wide variety of people from all walks of life, some who haven't bathed in weeks. They make excuses to friends and family about why they can't leave town for a few days when the opportunity for a short vacation presents itself. They have less and less energy, lose their youthful looks, lose their libido.

They can't sleep at night, are always sick, and frequently cannot concentrate or even remember the names of people they've known for years. Their lives become a hollow shell, their emotions muted, and they begin to think that the only people that understand them are other methadone addicts. This is anything but a normal life. The methadone detox program offered by Novus delivers results in as little as two weeks or less, much faster than the usual eight to 18 months of tapering-off faced by most patients trying to recover from serious methadone dependence. The program also offers vastly reduced withdrawal symptoms when compared to most other methadone detox programs. Especially for high-dose methadone dependence.

Novus medical methadone detox protocols make the whole methadone detox experience much easier to get through than more traditional programs. Our protocols are based on the latest research and development in drug detoxification and treatment. The program includes a taper-off program medically designed to match your unique health needs. Novus provides 24/7 medical supervision of all aspects of your methadone detox, daily IV's with vitamins and other health-building nutrients, special dietary supplements to boost your health even more, great food and no restrictive schedules. We don't have group meetings, instead we offer confidential one-on-ones with staff members when you ask for them.

We provide safe medications that help control withdrawal symptoms and taper adjustments to ensure the most comfortable withdrawal. In most cases, you can expect completion of your detox program and be off all drugs in 10 to 14 days. Addicting people to a terrible drug like methadone under the guise of a cure is simply not right. Society should not warehouse addicts, it should assist them to become drug free.

We have to show them there is a way to escape the methadone prison. And Novus will be there to help them, every step of the way.

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