Three Important Methadone Detox Facts

Three Important Methadone Detox Facts

Methadone was developed in Germany in 1937 as a narcotic painkiller for their troops in World War II. There was a shortage of opium at the time, which made developing opiate painkillers difficult. So the clever Germans invented a synthetic narcotic instead. Ten years later, the war over, it was introduced into the United States by Eli Lilly. Since then, it's been prescribed as a painkiller all over the world. But methadone is much better known as the "replacement drug" for people addicted to heroin, morphine and other narcotics - a practice euphemistically called "methadone maintenance treatment ". There are a number of problems with these methadone clinics. Some of these problems are glossed over by proponents of the practice, while others are completely ignored. Anyone considering methadone replacement treatment, or anyone on methadone who really wants to get off that painful train to nowhere, should consider the following facts. People addicted to narcotics, including methadone, are turning their lives around every day by simply making the decision to be drug-free at last. Novus Medical Detox Center, in Pasco County, FL, is recognized as one of the most effective clinics offering safe, comfortable and confidential methadone detox anywhere. Let's look at a few of the claims made for methadone treatment, and counter those claims with the real facts.

Methadone Detox Fact #1: Methadone doesn't treat addiction

The first, the most important, and the biggest fact of all, is that methadone is not a treatment for addiction. Period. Full stop. The word "treatment" means "a therapy used to remedy (make better) a health problem." Methadone does not make this health problem - addiction and dependence - better. It leaves the addict completely and utterly dependent on, and in effect addicted to, methadone instead of heroin. If you had a really bad cold, would you consider something that gave you the flu instead a good treatment? Of course not. So what does "methadone maintenance treatment" really mean? It means to use methadone to maintain an existing (usually heroin) addiction by switching to methadone. And then calling the new addiction "treatment". Flu for a cold. Remember? Not treatment at all. Yes, methadone lets a person "get along" without heroin. But for the organism to function with some semblance of normality, it must have and indeed demands the presence of methadone. Without it, the person will descend rapidly into painful withdrawal. A euphemism is a word or phrase invented by someone to describe something unpleasant and make it sound nicer, less offensive, and hopefully get your agreement. That's why we referred to "methadone maintenance treatment" earlier as euphemistic. The helpful-sounding "methadone maintenance treatment" is just the Wolf dressed up as Grandmother, waiting for Little Red Riding Hood to come through the door.

Methadone treatment is a $billion industry

Methadone maintenance "treatment" is a billion-dollar industry in numerous countries around the world. In the US, Canada, and much of Europe and elsewhere, the practice continues to expand, lining the pockets of the drug companies, while addicts who actually want to get off drugs and improve their lives are strung out kept on methadone. They've bought the lie. And some of them defend it, thinking it really is "treatment". But not in Russia, where they haven't been fooled by the public relations. Methadone treatment for addiction is not only illegal. Just promoting it, just talking about methadone maintenance favorably, is prosecutable under the law. In Russia, narcotic addicts receive narcotic detox and rehab. Meanwhile, thousands and thousands of victims of the methadone maintenance treatment deceit outside of Russia continue to search for methadone detox programs that accept the high methadone doses they've been forced to accept. They know they've been hoodwinked, now they want off the train. They want a program that helps overcome methadone withdrawal symptoms and points the way to a new drug-free life.
There is hope for a new life.Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

Methadone Detox Fact #2: Yes, methadone patients are addicted

Methadone maintenance treatment promoters loudly and proudly claim that methadone patients are DEPENDENT on their "medication", not ADDICTED. They say this as if it was something positive. Let's define the terms:
  • Dependence refers to physical needs. Reducing or stopping a drug results in withdrawal symptoms. Dependence is not associated with risking negative consequences to get and use the drug.
  • Addiction means physical and psychological needs. Addicts are dependent, but also will ignore most, or all, negative consequences associated with getting and consuming the drug.
If there is any doubt about whether or not a methadone patient is addicted to the daily dose of methadone handed to them at the methadone clinic, just stop giving it to them. Make it impossible for them to get it anywhere. Now watch what they do for the next few days. For most methadone treatment patients, this scenario presents nothing less than a living nightmare. The only solution is to find some methadone, or heroin, or morphine, or codeine, or hydrocodone, or oxycodone, or any of the dozens of other prescription painkillers that contain an opioid, and just gobbling them down. Getting into a hospital ER and shamelessly begging for opioids is popular, or heading back to the streets where you used to get your heroin in an earlier life - these are both perfectly acceptable actions, and very commonly done. Lying in bed, praying for death, and moaning in agony for days or weeks while trying to survive a cold-turkey methadone detox - that is definitely not an option!

Methadone Detox Fact #3: Yes, methadone is harder to get off

Another thing the methadone shills will tell you is that methadone detox is not any more difficult than heroin detox. They admit that it takes WAAAA-AAAY longer than heroin or morphine, but then say that it isn't any worse. Obviously, they weren't listening to the addicts who have tried both heroin detox and methadone detox. If you've tried to get off methadone, you very likely will agree that methadone detox without medical help is a ridiculous idea, and that of course it's harder than heroin. To settle any doubts about this silly argument, call the methadone detox experts at Novus Medical Detox Center in Pasco County, FL. Novus is among the few clinics in the world with the experience and medical know-how to handle even high-dose methadone detox, in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of discomfort.

Novus medical methadone detox is faster and more comfortable

A Florida medical methadone detox program at Novus Medical Detox Center delivers a faster, more comfortable and more effective end to the cravings for methadone. In Florida, high-dose methadone detox programs are offered at Novus, developed especially for people trapped in the methadone treatment lie suffering from high-dose methadone maintenance. The Novus medical methadone detox program is widely acknowledged for several important reasons:
  • PERSONAL Novus methadone detox is tailored for each patient's metabolism and physical circumstances. Patients receive outstanding personal care and attention around the clock from well-trained and experienced methadone detox specialists.
  • COMFORT Novus methadone detox is safe and effective, but is also more comfortable than other detox methods. Novus methadone detox purifies the body in ways that significantly reduce withdrawal symptoms.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY Novus methadone detox offers privacy and confidentiality and individual private or comfortable shared rooms. Our 3.5-acre gated facility is a peaceful sanctuary where your recovery comes first.
  • HEALTH Novus methadone detox makes you healthier than when you arrived, because our advanced protocols include nutritional IVs, vitamins, amino acids, mineral supplements and delicious, healthful cuisine.
  • YOU LEAVE SOONER Novus methadone detox is faster, and without the major withdrawal symptoms, of other programs. Novus methadone detox speeds the healing process, and puts you on your way home sooner.

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