Florida Detox Center offers Pain Free Drug Detox

Florida Detox Center offers Pain Free Drug Detox

At Novus Detox®, a Florida Detox Center, we've removed an important roadblock that keeps many people from entering drug treatment....fear of pain!

If you've been using drugs for a while, your life could literally be coming apart at the seams - you have trouble at home, trouble at work, trouble with your personal life, and possibly even trouble with the law. In facing all these issues you begin to realize that you are suffering from a substance abuse problem and want to do something about it to get your life back before it's too late.

There is hope for you.

Hope, because the fact that you realize you're addicted means you have come to grips with the hardest part of correcting your situation and coming clean. You've overcome denial which is the first huge step in getting clean. So now that you admit you need help, you must take the next step, and ask for help kicking drugs. But you're terrified about getting really sick during withdrawal from your drug of choice. And that fear is putting your decision to get help in jeopardy. And along with it, it's putting your life in jeopardy! Every wasted moment creates another chance that your next dose will be your last. Don't let drugs take your life away from you, and your loved ones. Call Novus today! We understand how the fear of the pain of withdrawal can stop you from taking the first step.

Our safe and effective detox method cleanses the body in a comfortable manner that significantly diminishes withdrawal discomforts. That's why we chose our name, "Novus". It means "New" or "New Person". We have a new detox approach with personalized service and individualized treatment plans in a comfortable atmosphere. Our unique approach involves creating a tailored detox program for each patient's body, metabolism and circumstance. We provide excellent medical supervision, 24 -hour nursing care and you have 24-hour access to a withdraw specialist. Our nutritional IVs and supplements and delicious food with our specialized detox protocols are all designed to speed the body's healing process. Everything we do is tailored to get you clean as painlessly as possible, and put you on the path to stay clean! Novus Detox® is always incorporating the most advanced medical procedures with the leading natural remedies to effectively combat withdrawals in a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment.

Our patients are treated as individuals with dignity, respect and understanding in a non-judgmental environment. There really is hope for you to get a new life. With your desire to get clean, and a personalized treatment program from Novus you can succeed.

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