Novus Psychoactive Drug Health Package

Novus Psychoactive Drug Health Package


One of the biggest problems in our present society is that more and more people contacting us are victims of “Radio Medicine.” As you may recall, “Radio Medicine” means that when you hear a strange sound coming from the car engine you just turn up the volume of the radio and keep driving. We all know that the problem just gets worse and will lead to your being parked on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck. While the ages of these “Radio Medicine” victims contacting Novus Medical Detox Center run from 18 to 83, the majority are between 40 and 65 years of age. Generally, these people are intelligent, and they try to take care of themselves. They often don't smoke or drink more than a glass of wine at dinner, try to eat right and exercise. In most cases, they have experienced few health problems for most of their life. Then at some point in their life, they began to feel fatigued, anxious, gain weight, feel sad, not think as clearly, have muscle aches or fibromyalgia or other symptoms, and they go to see a doctor who they think can help them.

Unfortunately, this doctor is following the financial model which mandates that he or she has to spend the least amount of time possible with each patient because they get paid no more for a one minute office visit than for a 20 minute office visit. Accordingly, with not enough time to accurately diagnose the underlying physiological problem and then treat it, he or she practices “Radio Medicine.” The patient receives a prescription for a psychoactive drug or drugs. Maybe it is a benzodiazepine like Xanax or Ativan, maybe it is an antidepressant like Paxil or Zoloft, or maybe it is an anti-psychotic like Zyprexa or Seroquel.

The intention is simply to find a drug that will block or reduce the patient's awareness of the symptoms. The patient continues taking the drug and the underlying problem usually just gets worse. Frequently, the action of the drug in the body turns on other symptoms that just increase the original problem, but also make the true cause even harder to diagnose. Instead of comprehensively diagnosing the person and testing for thyroid, adrenal or other problems that present the symptoms of which the patient was complaining, these drugs just allow the problem to worsen and often create new problems of their own. After a time, the person's symptoms have increased to where the drugs are no longer “turning up the volume” and the person starts doing their own research. Often they go to their “Radio Medicine” doctor and ask that he check for thyroid, adrenal or other problems. Their doctor usually replies that these tests are not necessary. The person leaves but the situation continues to worsen.

Their research shows them that the drug they are taking is really harmful. They discover that the side effects of the drug are similar to some of the symptoms that they are feeling. They then decide that they have to get off the drug. They start checking on the internet and find inpatient and outpatient programs that promise to help them withdraw from the drug. They read about Novus, look at the success stories and even read some of the articles and then call Novus. They ask about our protocol and if we can help them withdraw from the drug. In many cases, we get their medical information and the answer is, “Yes.” Yes, we can help them safely stop taking the drug.

We can work to help them with the drug withdrawal symptoms, ensure that they are hydrated properly, provide them with nutrients and some needed amino acids. However, it doesn't mean that they will have addressed the actual problem that the drug was supposed to hide from the person. If the drug was blocking some of the symptoms, once the person is off the psychoactive drug, then those previously blocked symptoms will be very strong.

Often, it is these underlying symptoms that people associate with drug withdrawal symptoms after they return home. While this may sometimes be the case, the uncomfortable symptoms are coming from the unhandled physiological problems. This is why we tell these people that they need to view their stay at Novus as only the start. They need to find a doctor who is interested in finding the cause of their symptoms and not just trying to hide their symptoms.

This doctor will spend time with the person, understand the person's history and the history of the symptoms. Then, based on a thorough understanding of the person and the symptoms, the doctor will order tests that will seek to discover the cause of the person's actual problems. These tests are much more comprehensive than the simple blood tests normally ordered by the “Radio Medicine” doctor, and all the results may not be available for up to two weeks.

More importantly, when the test results do arrive, the right doctor will know how to interpret these tests, determine the likely cause of the problem and start the appropriate treatment of the discovered condition or conditions. Because the doctor is not using a drug to “turn up the volume,” but is actually working to help the body handle the cause of the problem, the treatments are seldom going to immediately cure the problem that has been allowed to worsen for some time. The person may experience some immediate relief, even if it is largely the relief of knowing what has been wrong, but it could take many weeks before the actual physical condition really starts to improve.


There is seldom any question that the best thing for the person is to get off the drug or drugs which they were taking which were not really addressing the cause of the problem but creating other unwanted side effects. There is no question that Novus is one of the best places to safely get off the drug. Many of the people who have come to Novus and withdrew from psychoactive drugs went home, found the right doctor and experienced relief when the actual physiological cause was handled. However, some who came to Novus were unable to find the right doctor. Instead they found doctors who appeared to be able to really help them find the cause of their physical problems but either didn't have the knowledge or the skills to diagnose, order the right tests and then interpret the tests properly. Sometimes, these doctors just prescribed another drug to turn up the volume when they weren’t able to find the problem.

Since our patients come from all over the United States and Canada, it is almost impossible for us to have capable doctors who get results for all of our patients. We instruct the patients on how to select the doctor and try to help them find one in their area, but if we don't know the potential doctor or haven't spoken to someone that obtained good results from that doctor, then the results may not be as good as they should be.


Often, people on psychoactive drugs call us and say that they would prefer to come to Novus, see doctors and other professionals and not leave until they have handled their drug withdrawal and are on the way to handling their physiological problems. They understand that this is a process that can take up to 28 days. We listened and have worked out a solution. Here are the steps:

  1. A person contacts Novus and completes the medical information form. The information of this form is reviewed and a determination is made as to whether the person is a good candidate for Novus Medical Detox Center and this program.
  2. If the person is accepted, then they are given an estimate of the time required to complete their stay at Novus Medical Detox Center and the amount of additional estimated time to complete the remainder of their program. If the person wants to start the program, then they schedule their arrival at Novus.
  3. When a person arrives at Novus Medical Detox Center, they are immediately started on their withdrawal program from the drug or drugs that they have been taking.
  4. The next day they are taken to an appointment at Dr. Caroline Van-Sant Crowle's office. Dr. Crowle is not only one of Novus' doctors, but is also a recognized specialist in alternative medicine and routinely works with patients to find and treat the actual cause of the patient's problems. Dr. Crowle is one of the doctors recommended in Suzanne Somers’ bestselling book, Breakthrough. Dr. Crowle will meet with the patient, do a thorough history and order lab tests.
  5. The person will then return to Novus Medical Detox Center and continue their detox program.
  6. When they complete their withdrawal at Novus, they will pick up their rental car and go to a hotel that they have selected.
  7. Their next step will be a series of appointments with Dr. Brent Agin. In addition to being the Novus Medical Director, Dr. Agin has written two books on healthy living and anti-aging and is recognized as an expert in the field. At these appointments the person:
    • Will be interviewed about their lifestyle, their exercise regimen and their diet;
    • Will receive an exercise program and given an appointment with a personal trainer who will work with them at a gym while they are in the Clearwater area.
    • Once Dr. Crowle has completed her diagnosis, the person will be given a nutritional dietary plan.
    • If the person needs help with weight loss, then Dr. Agin can design a program for this.
    • At this visit, the person will also be given an IV, the same type that they were receiving at Novus. The patient will return to Dr. Agin's office for IV's as prescribed by Dr. Agin.
  8. If the person has an issue with pain, feels that their body is not in proper alignment or is diagnosed by Dr. Agin or Dr. Crowle as needing help, then an appointment is made with Meilus Muscular Therapy. Sometimes, when people come off these psychoactive drugs they find that they are experiencing pain in different parts of their body that was hidden. Novus Medical Detox Center patients have raved about the results that they received from Al Meilus. Meilus is working to treat the actual cause of pain and discomfort and his treatments bring real relief to people. The number of Meilus treatments will depend on the issues being addressed.
  9. When the results come back from the tests ordered by Dr. Crowle, the person will return to Dr. Crowle's office to review the test results. Dr. Crowle will prescribe any hormones, drugs or other supplements needed to begin addressing the actual physiological problem.
  10. At one of their last visits to Dr. Agin's office, the person will be instructed in the use of injectable vitamins designed by Dr. Agin. These vitamins are designed to address the needs of the patient after they return home. Dr. Agin will provide a supply of a liquid multi-vitamin and instruct the person in how to remain hydrated properly after returning home.
  11. The person will have free time. They can go to the beach, a movie, go shopping, or just relax. It is recommended that the person invite a friend, spouse, or other relative to come down and stay with them for some or all the time they are in the hotel. It is usually more fun when you have someone to share the time with and there are many things to see and enjoy in the Clearwater area.

The length of stay at Novus Medical Detox, the number of IV's at Dr. Agin's office and other specifics will be determined after the person's medical form is evaluated and may be adjusted after the patient arrives at Novus or even after the person starts the remainder of the program.


It is often said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Our intention is to help the person start on the journey to find a handling for their actual physical problems and improve their quality of life. While there is no guarantee that this program will be successful for a person, we believe that our program provides the best opportunity for success. We know that the medical practitioners involved believe in addressing causes and not symptoms and have been successful with others. The only real solution is to find and handle the actual problem—not take a dangerous drug that creates many other problems. At Novus Medical Detox Center we are proud that daily we help people become free from heroin, methadone, OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, Xanax and other psychoactive drugs. If you know someone who is interested then please have them contact us and we will determine if we can help them.

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