Graduation Week: Parents Should Speak Up About Alcohol Abuse

Graduation Week: Parents Should Speak Up About Alcohol Abuse

This month is graduation week, nearly 3 million high school graduates will kick up their heels and "party hearty" to proclaim their freedom and new lives. But thousands of them will wind up in hospital ERs or on slabs at the local morgue, all victims of alcohol abuse.

It's a national tragedy, a national epidemic, and in spite of all the warnings from parents and teachers, and safe-drinking publicity campaigns from health officials at all levels of government, it just goes on and on.

Alcohol abuse is pervasive among American teens and young adults. More of them die as a result of alcohol-related car crashes and overdose deaths than from any other accidental causes.

And the deadly common denominator of graduation week is, you guessed it, alcohol abuse.

Parents need to step up to the plate, not back off

High school grads are leaving for college, or beginning new careers. More than anything else, they want to embrace adulthood and the freedom to make their own decisions.

Graduation should be a time of joyous celebration. But all too often, the party is ruined by a crippling accident or a tragic death stemming directly from alcohol abuse.

Now is not the time for parents to back off. When it comes to partying and alcohol abuse, parents should appeal directly to their kids' desire for independence, by encouraging personal responsibility and grown-up, intelligent decision making.

It's kind of grisly, but parents can tell their kids that a recent U.S. Surgeon General report says that 5,000 kids die every year as a direct result of underage drinking-and not just from car accidents. Alcohol abuse among teenagers frequently leads to multi-drug overdoses-mixing alcohol with pills and other drugs is particularly deadly. And teenage alcohol abuse even leads to alcohol-related homicides and suicides.

Something else parents can say: Younger teenage drinkers are four times more likely to develop an alcohol addiction than those who don't start drinking until after they turn 21.

Lots more information for parents and teens about alcohol, and how to resist peer pressure to drink, can be found at

In Florida, alcohol abuse often begins at home

It's a fact that teenagers emulate adults, especially their parents. Far too often, teenagers involved in alcohol abuse are exposed first to the alcohol addiction of their parents.

A recent Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey found on average that fully a third of Florida's teens are abusing alcohol.

Yes, two-thirds aren't drinking regularly, and that's a good thing. But the fact remains that thousands of Florida's underage kids are drinking. And many of them are going to wind up suffering the devastation of adult alcoholism. Like so many of their moms and dads, they'll eventually have to spend time at a Florida alcohol treatment center or risk the deadly long-term effects of alcoholism.

Florida parents with a drinking problem need to seriously consider calling a Florida alcohol detox program, such as Novus Medical Detox Center in Pasco County, and get started on a treatment program. Parents will not only be saving their own lives, they'll be doing their kids the biggest favor they possibly could under the circumstances.

It's a straight fact: If the adults at home can't control their drinking, they can't expect their kids to control it either.

Medical alcohol detox is faster, safer and more effective

Across America, drinking alcohol is considered "normal". And of course it's legal too, as long as you're 21 or older. But the "normal" results of drinking for millions of Americans are broken families, lost careers, ruined health and early death-the "normal" consequences of alcoholism.

Once someone has become physically dependent on alcohol, it's fairly safe to say they are also "mentally" or "emotionally" dependent as well. They had reasons for starting to drink to excess, and treatment for alcoholism almost always means rooting out those reasons. Once these mental factors are exposed and newly considered, alcoholics have a chance at recovery and lasting sobriety.

Before embarking on an alcohol rehab program, the alcoholism must be interrupted at the physical level-called alcohol detox. You've got to stop drinking right now, and get past the constant, crushing need for a drink.

The premier Florida alcohol detox program

The premier Florida alcohol detox program is provided by Novus Medical Detox Center in Pasco County. Novus provides 24-hour-a-day medical supervision to make sure each patient proceeds safely and comfortably through alcohol detox. And because the program provides vital supplemental nutrition, our patients feel better and are healthier after their detox.

Experienced medical alcohol detox and careful attention to individual health needs are among the reasons so many people begin their recovery at Novus Medical Detox Center.

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