Heroin Addiction Detox Can Fail If Your Body Is Not Up to It

Heroin Addiction Detox Can Fail If Your Body Is Not Up to It

One of the reasons heroin addicts fail to conquer their heroin addiction through drug detox and rehab is that they're just not up to it physically. Being on heroin makes you less sensitive to your body's needs and you can easily become malnourished and dehydrated. Trying to go through detox in that condition makes withdrawal symptoms even worse. A good heroin detox program ensures that you also build the body so it can endure the detox process. Heroin addiction is not easy to overcome, but, really, it's not as difficult as you might think if the withdrawal process is made relatively comfortable through a good heroin detox program. Doing a heroin detox is like running a marathon. Runners train for months for marathons - they eat well, sleep well, work out, take vitamins and minerals and drink plenty of water. They make sure their body can meet the challenge. But after months or years of heroin addiction it's hard to run to the corner, let alone run a marathon.

A good heroin detox center ensures you get your body in shape. A body that's not in good condition will also have difficulty metabolizing the drugs you may be given to help with withdrawal symptoms. Making sure drugs do what they're supposed to do is partially dependent on each organ and system in your body functioning well. If things don't work right, it's possible the withdrawal drugs won't either - which means you'll go through more pain and discomfort than you really have to. In fact, your body may be run down enough right now to be in pain, but you just can't feel it because you're on heroin. In addition to the drugs you may need to get you through withdrawal more comfortably, a good drug detox center provides exercise facilities, intravenous vitamin and mineral drips, nutritious food and any other help you might need to get through withdrawal.

If you've tried to withdraw from heroin before and have been unsuccessful, your physical condition could be why. Heroin addiction can be difficult to overcome under the best of circumstances - make sure you choose a heroin detox program that gives you every advantage.

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