Florida Detox Center Ready to Meet Increased Demand

Florida Detox Center Ready to Meet Increased Demand

BACKGROUND: Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed new legislation in summer of 2010 that gives regulators some legal tools to crack down on Florida’s rogue pain clinics. Some supporters are doubtful it goes far enough, but the new law should help reduce the volume of opioids reaching the streets and encourage at least some victims to seek detox in Florida.

Florida Pain Clinic Crack Down May Encourage OxyContin Addiction Victims to Choose OxyContin Detox

Florida health and law enforcement officials will soon be using recently passed legislation to crack down on, and hopefully close, some of the state’s hundreds of unscrupulous pain clinics, or “pill mills”. When that happens, at least some victims of the Florida OxyContin addiction epidemic may choose OxyContin detox rather than setting off in search of new OxyContin suppliers.

And for those who make such a life-affirming decision, Novus Medical Detox Center of Pasco County, a leading Florida detox center specializing in safe, medically-assisted OxyContin detox, stands ready to help.

Media stories and grass-roots protests have recently drawn attention to Florida’s pill mills and to the dangers of OxyContin addiction. Even without the new law, this has helped spark officials to investigate and close a number of pain clinics in Broward County, Palm Beach County, Hillsborough County and elsewhere, which are nothing more than legalized drug pushers and major contributors to OxyContin addiction throughout the Southeastern U.S. A number of doctors associated with the clinics have been charged with crimes.

Florida Legislation Could Lead More Victims of OxyContin Addiction to Seek Medical Detox

When the new legislation takes effect on October 1, we can expect to see a major crackdown on pain clinics. This could lead to more victims of OxyContin addiction seeking Florida OxyContin detox.

Among the features of the legislation are:

  • Annual Inspections: Clinics must register, be inspected annually, and name a doctor with a clean record as director. The state no longer will need a search warrant or permission to inspect patient files for violations.
  • Strong Penalties: The state will be able to pull a clinic's registration and close it immediately for violations, including physician disciplines. Owners and doctors can be charged with third-degree felonies and fined up to $5,000 per day for violations.
  • Physician Exams: Unlike today, clinic doctors must examine a patient before prescribing pills. Doctors must undergo special training as required by new rules pending before state medical boards.
  • Only Three-Day Supply Of Drugs: Clinics can sell a cash-&-carry patient only three days worth of pills at a time. This is intended to stop “patients” from buying hundreds of pills per visit, stop the street dealers who pay those “patients” to buy those hundreds of pills for them, and remove the profit motive for the clinic. Also, the state sets a maximum number of prescriptions that can be issued in a day.
  • Flagrant Advertising Banned: Clinics are banned from advertising pain drug sales and from using the names of drugs.

However, some critics of the legislation say the wording of the three-day supply rule is a serious loophole. It says doctors cannot dispense more than 72 hours' worth of opioids like OxyContin to patients who pay by cash, check or credit card. But nothing in the bill prevents doctors from charging a flat (and as high as they want) fee for a so-called “office visit”, and then simply handing out bags and bags of pills for free.

In other words, if the “patient” doesn’t pay for the drugs, the doctor and the pills don’t fall under the purview of the new law. And the Florida OxyContin addiction epidemic just rolls merrily along, in spite of the good intentions in Tallahassee.

But in spite of the loophole, the easy supplies of OxyContin and other opioids will certainly be reduced. And according to the Florida Medical Association, even stronger rules governing doctors have been proposed that will give authorities all the tools they need to bear down on drug-pushing clinics and doctors.

Novus Florida Medical Detox Center, With Its Very Specialized OxyContin Detox Program, Stands Ready to Meet the Demand

Meanwhile, among detox facilities in Florida, Novus Medical Detox Center is in the forefront of OxyContin detox. At Novus, OxyContin addiction is being successfully treated every day. The Novus Florida OxyContin detox program is designed to meet the precise medical needs of every individual patient. At Novus, every patient receives medical supervision around the clock to ensure safety and maximize comfort.

These are some of the reasons that people seeking detox centers in Florida settle on Novus. People who have experienced failures in earlier attempts at OxyContin detox are finding success, and renewed lives, at Novus Medical Detox Center.

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