"Infinite" Methadone Addiction Not Treatment, Says State Senator

Pennsylvania's publicly-funded methadone "maintenance" system, which allows methadone addiction to continue indefinitely with no provisions or requirements for methadone detox and recovery, needs to change, says State Senator Kim Ward.

In a letter to the Department of Public Welfare (DPW), Senator Ward calls for a policy shift emphasizing recovery rather than the present long-term (essentially forever) program of providing methadone to heroin and other opioid addicts.

And, says Senator Ward, a system that endlessly supports methadone addiction should not be paid for by the state's already-burdened taxpayers.

"I am calling on the Department of Public Welfare to commit to only funding those methadone clinics that have a formally approved recovery program with a limit on the time that the state will pay for treatments," she said. "With state funding at such a critical juncture, it is imperative that we utilize the taxpayers' money wisely; therefore, the Commonwealth should not be in the business of providing artificial narcotics to addicted individuals for an infinite amount of time."

Clinics push life-long methadone addiction, not treatment

Senator Ward also asked the DPW to explain why there is a stated 12-month minimum of treatments for individuals, but no maximum.

"It is my understanding that with methadone treatments, individuals receive 12 months of treatment as a minimum; and that some individuals continue to receive this type of treatment for years. What is the maximum number of treatments?" asks the senator. "I believe the program should be focused on recovery and not an open-ended policy of 'maintenance'."

We applaud Senator Ward's stance, but would have been even more impressed with a call for the outright banning of methadone maintenance programs, and their replacement with genuine methadone detox and methadone rehabilitation.

Methadone clinics don't routinely address the psychological and physiological factors involved in someone's addiction. Most clinics which claim to provide real treatment and recovery are a sham.

The Novus methadone detox program

As any methadone addict will tell you, the more methadone you take, the more you need, until you are on a maintenance dosage so high that almost no methadone detox center will accept you for treatment.

In other words, methadone addiction "maintenance" is a life sentence of addiction.

Novus Medical Detox Center has been calling for years for an end to the cruel practice of methadone replacement "therapy" which entraps its victims in the prison of methadone addiction for life.

Methadone replacement is no better, and usually far worse than the original heroin or other opiate addiction.

But there is one bright spot in the otherwise gloomy methadone addiction universe, and that is the incredibly successful Novus methadone detox program.

High Dose Methadone Detox

Novus provides one of the few methadone detox programs in the world that not only accepts high-dose methadoneaddicts for methadone detox, but also routinely gets patients through methadone detox more quickly, and more comfortably, than they ever imagined.

Here is what will happen when you come to Novus:

  • You will check into Novus Medical Detox Center and the Novus medical staff will design a taper for you;
  • You will be given IV's daily with vitamins, nutrients and amino acids like glutathione and GABA;
  • You will have a comfortable room equipped with a television and internet connection;
  • You will have delicious food;
  • You will not be on a set schedule;
  • You will not be required to go to group meetings but can have one-on-one interactions with our staff when you request them;
  • You will be given medications to control the withdrawal pain;
  • You will be given natural supplements to help you feel better;
  • You will have your taper adjusted to ensure that you are able to most comfortably withdraw;
  • You will leave Novus in 10 to 14 days off all drugs including the methadone;
  • You will be given instructions on how to continue with IM vitamins and helped to select an after-care program that works for you.

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