Tragic personal stories about OxyContin devastating families across the country, the highly addictive prescription narcotic painkiller associated with tens of thousands of deaths. OxyContin has been implicated in many times more deaths than were caused by the 9/11 World Trade Center collapse, and the Iraq War, combined! OxyContin is molecularly almost identical to heroin, and acts the same in your body, which is why so many OxyContin addicts also use heroin, and vice-versa.

This begs the question: If heroin is illegal, why is OxyContin legal? More than 2,640 people had already signed the petition this week, which can be signed anonymously, and many left comments detailing ruined lives, injuries and deaths from the drug. Here are a few examples: From Anonymous, on OxyContin death: “We have several people in our family addicted to Oxycontin and other prescription drugs. My brother died of an accidental overdose along with a nephew and a husband of a niece. There are other people in my family addicted that have lost everything. I have custody of a great-nephew because of the fallout of drug use.

The saddest thing is that these addicts think that it’s perfectly ok because they have prescriptions. I can’t imagine what kind of doctors would continue to write OxyContin [prescriptions] for seemingly young healthy patients that have no obvious serious medical conditions. Why aren’t those doctors being flagged and investigated? From RT, on OxyContin injuries: “My mother almost died summer of 2008 from an overdose due to 100 count prescription from an uncaring doctor at Sharp Hospital in La Mesa, CA. RIDICULOUS. This medication should not be prescribed in large amounts. It was never intended for long term use. She was found after 8 hours of being down, aspirated, and suffered from all of her major organs shutting down due to the overdose and respiratory failure this drug commonly causes, as well as having a stroke. Was on a ventilator for 4 days. She suffered brain damage and left the hospital only to go to a mental health facility. She will never be the same and will never have the life she had prior to this medication.” Some narrow escapes from death are also described. SN writes: “My husband used to be a heroin addict and OxyContin was the next best thing. I luckily walked in on him while [he was] in an overdose March 8, 2008, and if I had not come home . . . he would have been dead. He was using heroin and OxyContin on a regular basis. Been clean over a year. Get rid of the drug.”

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