Methadone Detox That Works Means A Drug Free Life Is Possible

Methadone Detox That Works Means A Drug Free Life Is Possible

New medical protocols have been developed that smoothly detox opioid addicts from heroin, morphine, and prescription painkillers, and even handle methadone detox those on high-dose methadone replacement programs.

When so-called addiction experts advocate methadone as 'treatment' for addiction to opioids like heroin, morphine or prescription painkillers like oxycodone and hydrocodone, they are carefully tip-toeing around the truth: Methadone replacement therapy is nothing more than another opioid addiction, and a life-long one at that - hardly what people consider 'treatment' for drug addiction.

By calling opioid addiction a "chronic relapsing condition", these alleged experts reveal their belief that opioid addicts can never achieve a drug-free life. Such a view is more than just tragic - it removes all hope for recovery - but it borders on criminal irresponsibility by convincing addicts and their families, the media, the public, and the legislators who control funding for drug detox and drug rehab, that opioid addiction is incurable.

This view flies directly in the face of existing research and field experience proving that opioid addiction, including methadone addiction, can be treated with new approaches to opioid and methadone detox and rehab. Methadone addicts can recover their lives and live free of drugs.

"Full recovery from opioid addiction, including methadone addiction, is an achievable goal," says theclinical director of Novus Medical Detox in Pasco County, FL. "It has been my direct personal experience - and a happy one, I should add - to learn that opioid addiction is not a life sentence to continued drug addiction. Successful recoveries occur every day in treatment centers across the country. Statements that opioid addiction is untreatable except with the addictive and dangerous drug methadone are more than incorrect. They show an unwillingness to look around at the new directions that opioid detox, especially methadone detox, are taking out here in the real world and actually condemn so many to a lower quality of life and deteriorating health."

Meanwhile, methadone addiction among addicts undergoing methadone 'treatment' continues to expand. Current estimates show 260,000 people are addicted to methadone that is provided through some 1,100 methadone clinics - more than a quarter of a million Americans suffering from an addiction that could have been treated, and for the vast majority, permanently cured. And thousands more methadone addicts are being created through prescriptions from doctors for methadone as a painkiller, all of whom will require methadone detox to fully recover.

But what the 'experts' aren't telling you is that methadone is worse than heroin, worse than morphine, worse than prescription narcotic painkillers, because convincing new evidence shows that methadone affects heart rhythm among a predictable percentage of people, which can lead to a sudden, unexpected fatal heart attack.

Deaths from methadone have risen more than 300 percent since 2000 - more than the increase in prescriptions for the drug. State health officials commonly report that 70 percent of methadone deaths occur within a week of patients beginning to take the drug - whether getting their first prescription, changing their prescription, reestablishing a prescription after being off it for a time, or getting the drug from someone else.

And still, no state or federal agency has taken the initiative to replace publicly funded methadone programs with real drug detox and drug rehab programs that could offer permanent freedom from all drugs. The 'experts' have everyone convinced that methadone is the only way to go because opioid addiction is an incurable "chronic relapsing condition". And for methadone manufacturers, distributors and local clinics, tax support and private patient dollars roll in to the tune of $billions.

"Methadone detox has traditionally been more difficult than withdrawal from other opioids," said the Director. "Methadone detox is more severe, and can take longer to complete than other opioids. So adding hundreds of thousands of people to the ranks of those needing methadone detox has made the problem seem insurmountable. That's what has led to the development of new protocols that are seeing opioid and methadone detox taking less time, and also greatly reducing the terrible withdrawal symptoms."

The new approach to methadone detox, and all opioid withdrawal, the Director said, is a medical drug detox protocol that combines full-time medical supervision with creative and very effective applications of several newer assistive drugs, particularly buprenorphine.

"We've found ways to use recently approved drugs in a medical drug detox setting that allows us to even treat high-dose methadone maintenance patients," the Director said. "These are often patients who, because of their high-dose methadone addiction, could not get help anywhere else. And now they are not only getting through methadone detox, but completing their drug rehab programs and recovering their lives, completely free of drugs."

Rod MacTaggart is a freelance writer that contributes articles on health.

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