OxyContin Addiction: Are You A Victim Of 'Radio Medicine'?

OxyContin Addiction: Are You A Victim Of 'Radio Medicine'?

If you were driving down the road and a strange, horrible noise started coming from the engine, would you pull over and get some help before the car self-destructs? Or would you just turn up the car radio to smother the noise, and keep on driving? Far too many victims of narcotic painkiller addiction, especially OxyContin addiction, are victims of doctors who practice 'radio medicine' - they prescribe the narcotic painkiller OxyContin to smother the pain, instead of setting about finding the exact reason for the pain, and curing it once and for all.

Many 'radio medicine'-type doctors say they would rather treat the cause of the pain, but our system of medical insurance doesn't pay enough for the time it would take to find the cause and cure it. So they prescribe OxyContin, which is basically legal heroin, and call for the next patient. The money rolls in, and the doctors and the drug company get rich. Tens of thousands of people who trust their doctors have fallen victim to OxyContin addiction. Thousands more have been killed or maimed by OxyContin. What's worse, OxyContin was criminally marketed by its maker, Purdue Pharma. In 2007, the company and several senior executives were found guilty of misleading government regulators and the medical profession by covering up its dangers, and were fined $634 million. And although doctors know now that disastrous consequences can occur - OxyContin addiction, ruined lives, even death from OxyContin overdose or a fatal combination of OxyContin with other drugs or alcohol - they continue to prescribe it. Money has become more important to doctors and drug companies than patient health. If you or someone you know has been prescribed OxyContin, you need to know that OxyContin:

  • Acts in the body just like heroin;
  • Only "turns up the radio volume" - blocking the pain signals to the brain;
  • Doesn't treat the source of the illness or injury;
  • Prevents you from knowing when you further harm the ill or injured area;
  • Often causes foggy awareness and reduced thinking ability;
  • Can lead to even more pain, not less - a condition called opioid-induced hyperalgesia.
Even if you have no personal involvement or experience with OxyContin, you can help end the practice of OxyContin 'radio medicine' by signing the petition. But if you've ever had to undergo OxyContin detox, or you know someone who has, you'll certainly want to get over to banoxycontin.com and sign the petition - you can do it anonymously, or like hundreds of others on the petition, you can share your OxyContin story with the FDA, Purdue Pharma, and the world.

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