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Taking A Drug Is The Last Thing to Do
Taking A Drug Is The Last Thing to Do

Many people may strongly object to the title of this article. They say that there are some conditions that, if untreated, will lead to serious medical issues. They are right. They say that if you don't treat high blood pressure problems, a person can die. They are right. If ...

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Blog posts in July

  • Alcohol Detox Needed In Conjunction with Alcohol Abuse Education and Legislation

    According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), raising the legal drinking age in the United States to 21 years old has saved 23,000 lives since ...

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  • Alcohol, Underage Drinking and Why Alcohol Affects Us

    ORIGINS OF ALCOHOL In his book, Preventing Alcohol Abuse: Alcohol, Culture and Control , David Hanson traces the origins of the use of alcohol. He ...

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  • Heroin and New Allies in the Fight Against the OxyContin Epidemic

    Heroin is one of the best known drugs of abuse. When you mention heroin, most people think of a person who hasn't bathed or combed their hair in weeks ...

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  • Reduce Prescription Drug Addiction By Locking Up Your Prescriptions

    Media coverage of drug abuse by teenagers and young adults continues to be dominated by reports of pilfering drugs from parents, neighbors and ...

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  • A Story By an OxyContin Survivor

    The Anatomy of Pain and Addiction In the spring of 2000, I awoke one morning with all over muscle aches and fatigue. It persisted for over two weeks, ...

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  • Detox from Painkillers

    The food was excellent and healthy! Tom, Jessica, JJ, Monty, Leigh, Steve, Paula…, this is not a complete list; everyone from the Medical Director, to ...

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  • When Will the Shareholders Demand a Change?

    Commenting on the abuses of a 19th century business that defrauded a number of shareholders, the writer Ambrose Bierce said, “Corporation: An ...

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  • Adrenal Testing and Treatment

    In the first two newsletters in this series, we discussed the following: The endocrine system and how it is composed of glands throughout the body ...

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