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Vicodin, The Other Killer Narcotic
Vicodin, The Other Killer Narcotic

There is a joke being told by a number of comics: “I am on Vicodin that I got when my wisdom teeth were pulled--eight months ago.” They think it’s funny. However, to many people it is not funny. To some, Vicodin is the drug that started their son, daughter, father mother, ...

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Blog posts in August 2009

  • Addiction: The FDA and OxyContin

    In this newsletter we publish articles about topics that we believe will interest our readers and articles that educate and enlighten. Larry Golbom is ...

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  • Who Should Come to Novus, an inpatient facility?

    We have received a number of requests for an explanation of the types of withdrawal situations that are best handled at an inpatient facility like ...

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  • FDA - We Are Your Clients Not The Drug Companies

    THE REAL INTEREST OF THE DRUG COMPANIES Jack Benny was a beloved comedian and is credited by many for creating the funniest moment in radio. Jack ...

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  • Drug Detox: A Likely Future for the Next Generation

    It's been a boom decade for investors in pharmaceuticals since the marketing of antidepressants was sold to the world as a panacea for childhood ...

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  • Methadone: Prescription Drug Addiction Is The Least of Your Problems

    Opioid painkillers come in all sorts of brand names - OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, Lortab, the list seems endless - and generic formulations abound. ...

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  • Benzos and Antidepressant Detox

    Your facility and staff are an extremely well oiled machine with an OBVIOUS concern for every patient!!! I am amazed at the ability of everyone to ...

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  • Drug Detox Q & A: If Parents Can Have Their Kids Arrested for Substance Abuse, Why Can't Kids Have Their Parents Busted?

    Nearly 70 teenagers with various substance abuse and addiction problems have been forced to check into alcohol and drug detox facilities in the nine ...

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  • The Novus Prescription Drug Booklet - Educate Yourself and Others

    THE CONSEQUENCE OF HEALTH CARE REFORM Some say that it is intended and others say that it is unintended, but one certain consequence of President ...

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  • Novus Now Listed In The SAMHSA Database

    Every day we learn how different Novus is from other detox facilities. We learn this not from a book or visiting other facilities but from our ...

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