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Soaring Prescription Drug Addiction Fueled by Illegal Internet Distribution
Soaring Prescription Drug Addiction Fueled by Illegal Internet Distribution

Novus Medical Detox Facility of Pasco County, Florida Director applauded Federal efforts that shut down Medical Web Services, a corporation charged with illegal distribution of more than 12 million medications through 175,000 prescriptions nationwide. “Statistics show ...

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Blog Posts in 2009

  • How Long Will My Novus Medical Detox Take?

    When someone decides that they need to go to a medical detox facility to help them withdraw from a drug or alcohol, they always ask how long it will ...

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  • Prescription Drug Addiction Can Happen To Legitimate Users Too

    Law enforcement and drug treatment officials are saying the numbers of people becoming accidentally dependent to the widely-prescribed, and highly ...

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  • Detox Success Stories

    I truly believe that this newsletter is one of the best I have ever seen? Truthful, encouraging (but still scary, in a good way), the truthful part is ...

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  • No Opiate/Opioid Withdrawal Pain?

    At Novus our patients do not suffer the withdrawal pain that they have experienced at other detox facilities or when they tried to withdraw from ...

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  • Quit Opiates Right Now - Opiate/Opioid Florida Detox Programs

    The horrific number of fatalities in Florida involving the painkiller oxycodone - among the highest in the nation - drives home the critical need for ...

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  • Need Alcohol Detox - Why Novus?

    THE ALCOHOL PROBLEM The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says: 8.5 percent of adults in the United States met the criteria for an ...

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  • Prescription Drug Abuse - It Affects All of Us

    COSTS OF PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE The National Community Pharmacists Association estimates that the cost of prescription drug abuse is more than $100 ...

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  • Prescription Drug Addiction Increasing In US Military

    Doctors are relying too heavily on narcotic pain relievers for US troops, says a military pain management specialist, raising concerns about the ...

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  • Drug Detox Centers are Not Full of The Drug Addict Stereotype

    When most people think of drug detox, they think of drug addicts. And when they think of drug addicts, they think the worst: money and dope changing ...

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