Prescription Drug Addiction Only Part Of The Risk For Kids On Psych Drugs

Prescription Drug Addiction Only Part Of The Risk For Kids On Psych Drugs

A new study has found that kids on antipsychotics doubles and even triples their risk for "adverse metabolic and cardiovascular events" such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart attacks. Drugging kids with untested and unapproved meds is irresponsible and tragic, especially when you consider that it also increases their potential for prescription drug addiction later in life.

Many studies also confirm that the earlier a person begins taking drugs or alcohol, the more likely they are to progress to drug or alcohol dependence. This is equally true for prescription drugs - the kind that millions of kids abuse for recreation, and a deadly practice that is causing an epidemic of prescription drug abuse across the country.

According to a study reported in the October issue of the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, kids exposed to an antipsychotic drug have twice the risk for obesity, and triple the risk for type 2 diabetes, than kids not exposed to the drugs. They also are at risk of "cardiovascular events" like falling unconscious from sudden drops in blood pressure, diseases of the blood vessels, blood clots, and strokes. And kids who were fed more than one type of psych drug - switching from drug to drug is more common than not these days - were twice as likely as the kids who only took one to suffer all these hideously dangerous side effects.

During the past decade, there has been a huge increase in pumping kids full of antipsychotics. Tens of millions are now living their lives doped up. Sure, they're risking prescription drug addiction, multi-drug toxicity and death from that tragedy alone. But until now, no studies have offered really good estimates of the physical risks associated with antipsychotic drugs in kids. The new study examined all factors associated with cardiovascular events and metabolic disturbance in 4,100 children and adolescents treated with antipsychotic drugs, comparing them with 4,500 kids who were not given psych drugs.

Just so you understand the term, "cardiovascular event" is a polite way of saying damage to the heart, arteries and veins, including strokes and heart attacks - not what teachers, psychiatrists and family physicians are expecting when they drug children. Well, we're not sure about the psychiatrists. But it's certainly far from what any parent is expecting - no parent wants their kid to become a victim of prescription drug addiction, but they sure as heck don't want them dead from a heart attack or fat, diabetic and stuck on insulin for the rest of their life.

It doesn't look like someone in Washington is going to stand up and "just say no" any time soon to the indiscriminate and basically criminal act of crippling American children with antipsychotic medications - usually prescribed because a child isn't behaving the way someone wants him or her to act. The epidemic of prescription drug addiction is going to continue, and even more lives are going to be ruined because of the vicious effects found by the new study.

Don't let them drug your kids - or anyone's kids - without a fight. Stand up and show them the information in this new study.

And if you know anyone who is already dependent on drugs or alcohol, or who has a known prescription drug addiction, call a counselor at a medical drug detox clinic right away, and help your friend or family member recover their life.


Rod MacTaggart is a freelance writer that contributes articles on health.

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