Florida Officials Say Prescription Drug Abuse Can Lead to Fatal Results

Florida Officials Say Prescription Drug Abuse Can Lead to Fatal Results

Novus Medical Detox Facility of Pasco County, Florida Director Steven L. the Director urged action be taken on the increasing death and addiction toll caused by prescription drug abuse in Florida, particularly among the young. “Statistics in Florida and across the nation indicate drug use among teenagers declining except for prescription drugs abuse, which is rising.” the Director said. “It is no surprise that the most common prescription drugs found in the survey of Florida deaths were pain relievers such as Oxycodone and Vicodin - as well as anti-anxiety medications like Xanax and Valium. These are among the most common substances and addictions that our drug detox clients are dealing with.”

The 2008 Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey found overall drug and alcohol abuse among teenagers has declined except for prescription drug abuse which is on the rise. 4.5 percent of high school seniors reported abusing prescription pain relievers within the past month. 3.8 percent reported abusing prescription depressants.

Florida’s drug czar in Tallahassee, Bill Janes, is pushing for passage of a proposed prescription drug monitoring plan, which would create a database so doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement can see a patient's prescription drug history on a computer. "There are many things that must be done to control prescription drugs. This is a critical first step that Florida must take," said Janes.

Dr. Rafael Miguel, director of the pain management program at the University of South Florida says of the plan, ""Nothing in our state will do more to decrease the ready availability of drugs in our schools and our streets than this program."

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