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Drug Detox Q&A: Opioid Pain Killers Actually Cause Pain, Say Researchers
Drug Detox Q&A: Opioid Pain Killers Actually Cause Pain, Say Researchers

Although it is widely accepted that taking opioid pain killers over extended periods of time can lead to "tolerance" - needing more opioids to get the same pain relief - there is a wealth of recent scientific evidence that opioid pain killers like OxyContin actually cause ...

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  • Medical Drug Detox Helps Save Victims Of The 21st Century's New Black Plague

    In the 14th Century, when the Black Plague, or Black Death as it was also known, swept out of Asia and consumed most of Europe, its source was unknown ...

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  • For The High Methadone User Who Feels Trapped-There is Now Hope

    METHADONE Methadone, an opioid, was first produced in 1939 at the pharmaceutical laboratories of I.G. Farben in Germany. Named Amidon, and although ...

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  • Drug Detox Q&A: Are Untested Naltrexone Implants Safe?

    According to two recent Australian studies, the use of naltrexone implants to treat drug dependency should be stopped because of reports of severe ...

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  • The Fix Wasn't In

    About fifty years ago, General Motors President Charles Wilson was quoted as having said, “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.” ...

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  • Do Opioids Actually Increase Pain?

    As we discussed last week, Purdue Pharma is the maker and advocate of pushing OxyContin, legal heroin, in the name of profit. We are now a week closer ...

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