Celebrating Independence from Drugs

Celebrating Independence from Drugs

As we approach July 4th, people prepare to celebrate America's independence and the fact that we are still the freest country on Earth. Many of us celebrate with backyard barbecues, parades and fireworks.

However, there is another independence that many of our patients will be celebrating on July 4th-their independence from drugs or alcohol. Speaking about July 4th and its significance, Abraham Lincoln said, "Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty."

Our patients have come from all parts of North America. They come to Novus Medical Detox Center to start their journey to become independent from the drugs or alcohol that have been adversely affecting their quality of life. They realize that true "liberty" from drugs or alcohol and being really themselves is the "secret of happiness" that Lincoln meant. They and we also know how much courage is required. Like the explorers of old, many of our patients are stepping into the unknown. They worry about how they are going to feel or if they can feel without the aid of the drug or alcohol. For some who became slaves to the drug because of real pain they suffered, the question is even more complicated.

They know that they can have no quality of life if they are on the drugs, but what will the pain be like when they are no longer taking the drug? In some medical detox and rehab facilities, patients are referred to as "addicts" and not patients. This is demeaning, cruel and untrue. An addict craves the source of their addiction and will take any steps, no matter how harmful, to obtain it. Once they walk through our doors at Novus Medical Detox Center, they may still crave the drug or alcohol but they are no longer taking any steps to obtain it-they are walking away from it. The decision to walk away from the drug or alcohol is often not enough for an estimated 95% of people who are users. Most of them still have to participate in a substance abuse program before they are fully free of the drug or alcohol. But coming to Novus is a huge and courageous first step.

To celebrate this Independence Day, we decided to share with you some comments from our patients who are celebrating their own independence from drugs. "I realized how much fun life was without drugs. Life is too short to waste it on drugs. There is ALWAYS A BETTER DAY tomorrow!!! I decided to leave this lifestyle and make up for the TIME LOST!!" - Student

"I have now been sober from GHB, cocaine and Effexor for 7 days and my head is not as cloudy as it was when I first got here! Life is too precious to poison it with drugs or alcohol. You can have a lot more fun with friends, family and a job that you love. There should be no excuse to do drugs when you don't need them. Happiness comes from within along with friends, family and self accomplishments. I have come to a clear realization that I am a good person with good qualities and a great patience for people, good or bad. I am learning to love life! Life is too precious to let it go too fast. Love yourself and love life." - Tutor

"I realized that one day there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have decided to keep trying and moving on to the next step to complete my recovery to bring back the real me. This place was a great start at pushing me into the right direction of being that good person. Thanks Novus." - Radio Show Host

"Since my stay here I have become myself again, my love for life is back. Thank you - thank you a million times over! Novus has given me the greatest gift anyone could have ever given me which is myself back. I feel like I had been locked away deep inside myself and what they've done here has unlocked me!" - Mother
"I've realized the things that I need to change and now I'm ready to change. It's going to be a long, hard road but I'm ready for the challenge. I finally have the drugs out of my system and now I'm ready to keep them out. I'm ready for a new life and basically a new me. It's time for a change." - Student
"I have come to realize that I can lead a drug free life. I would have been an addict the rest of my life without your help. Thank you so much." - Fishing Guide
"I am so thankful to have found Novus and to feel clear headed for the first time in years. Their true concern for my comfort and care was absolutely fantastic." - Housewife
"You guys helped me through the toughest time of my life! Beating methadone has given me a future. I look forward to a sober life and lifestyle. Without Novus, I'd probably be dead. I have made the decision to have after-care. I realize the battle does not end here. You have a great, caring staff who take their jobs very seriously. Without that, this would be impossible! Thank you so much!" - Construction Worker
Many people have said that "Freedom is not Free." While we have the freedom to make choices, we also have the responsibility for those decisions. People using drugs have had the freedom to do so. However, they also have the responsibility for the consequences of the drug use, not only to themselves but to their family, their co-workers and to society. At Novus Medical Detox Center, we help people exercise their freedom to not use drugs and they can then celebrate their independence each day.

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