Prescription Addiction Radio-One Courageous Man's Fight

Prescription Addiction Radio-One Courageous Man's Fight

Who would create a radio show that directly challenges and attacks a $250 billion dollar industry that values profit over lives and employs more lawyers than the population of many towns? What kind of a person would go on the radio every Sunday night at 9:00 pm EST on 860 WGUL and tell the world the truth about the consequences that are directly caused by the misrepresentations and sometimes outright lies of this industry?

This kind of person is a mild, unassuming man named Larry Golbom. Like any rational person, Larry knows that sometimes prescription drugs are necessary and they save lives daily. None of us who have had a family member saved from a serious illness by doctors and prescription drugs, have any doubt that the drug companies can serve a useful purpose in our lives. However, no one can argue that this same industry has a dark side.

Each week Larry G, as he identifies himself on the air, exposes the dark side, the truth about the prescription drug epidemic that is sweeping the country. He points out that somewhere the drug companies lost their conscience and forgot that their purpose was to do good, not just make profits. Of course, if making profits is your only goal, then, like the Nazi concentration guards who were only doing their jobs, their employees can more easily ignore the screams and agony of their victims and the steady stream of obituaries caused in large part by the public not realizing that their welfare is secondary to the profits of the drug companies.

As the director of Novus Medical Detox Center, I daily see the ravages of prescription drugs that chemically are little different than heroin or cocaine and, of course, are just as addictive and destructive. At Novus we see the shattered lives and broken families created by people who obtained their drugs, not in a dark alley, but at a pharmacy using a prescription written by a doctor who is too busy to investigate the true cause of the physical problem the person is having and instead just prescribes the current drug fad being promoted by the drug companies’ sales representatives.

The main purpose of Novus Medical Detox Center is to help people withdraw from these dangerous drugs, but another major purpose is to educate people on the true risks of prescription drugs. We arrange speakers for civic groups, church groups, schools and we do radio shows.

Recently, I had the opportunity to appear on Larry G’s Prescription Addiction Radio show. Like any two people who share the same goals and purposes, we instantly established a friendship. I would like to introduce you to him using his own words from his website.

“I, along with millions of families, have experienced the heartbreak of a family member addicted to a drug legally dispensed but unethically prescribed. As a registered pharmacist for over 30 years, I have the experience and knowledge base to help educate the health care professions and the public on the quiet epidemic that is affecting our country.

We have millions of people waking up every morning unable to function without a prescription drug(s) to make it through the day. The need for the drugs are not from a disease state, but simply to prevent oneself from being sick (commonly known as withdrawal).

Unfortunately, the misuse is from doctors who prescribe, but do not know the dangers and side effects of the addictive drugs or from doctors who are blatantly greedy. Presently, there is no family who is immune from the destruction too many doctors are creating.

In our state of Florida, 70% of our drug-related deaths are prescription drug-related. There are countless examples of doctors who have replaced the street corner drug dealer. Our medical boards, pharmacy boards, police, and DEA appear to be helpless in stopping the number of “legal” drugs reaching our streets.

Finally, heroin was legal in our country from 1898 through 1913. The parallels of Oxycontin misuse and heroin abuse are astonishing. They both kill. Oxycontin was introduced onto our streets in 1995 and one goal of this show is to help stop the production of Oxycontin and all time release oxycodone drugs.”

Many of Larry’s guests are themselves victims of the prescription drug epidemic or have lost family members. Larry does his show each week educating his listeners to the harmful effects of prescription drugs and saving people from addiction and worse. Larry offers the drug companies the opportunity to have someone come on his show and refute his allegations but of course none have done so.

Is it because they are too busy to answer allegations of actions that, if committed by you or me, would get us convicted and given life sentences in prison? No, it is because the allegations are true.

Some people might ask, “Why does he do this? He is just one man on a small radio station on a Sunday night. What can one man do?”

Thomas Jefferson once said that a majority is one man with courage. It is because of the dedication and courage of people like Larry G that the truth about the prescription drug epidemic is coming to light and with this growing awareness, the lives of tens of millions of people can be saved.

If you are not in the Tampa Bay area you can hear his show on the internet. Just go to and hit “Listen Live”. Or, if you want to listen to previous shows, these are also available on his website.

Please take the time to visit his website and, if you support his actions, send him an email thanking him for doing the show.

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