Do I Need Drug Detox for Drugs or Alcohol?

Do I Need Drug Detox for Drugs or Alcohol?

Most people who become dependant on or addicted to drugs or alcohol don't start out with that intention. Whether they're taking a prescription painkiller after an accident or injury or using drugs or drinking socially, they never think it will affect them that badly. Nevertheless, millions of people in the U.S. need drug detox, and possibly drug rehab.

How does this happen? According to the Director of Novus Medical Detox in Pasco County, Florida, when you're using drugs or alcohol, they become a normal way of life. "Often the person doesn't see they have a problem." said the Director. "They think things are fine and don't notice they are changing, but others do: Their boss may have started to notice problems on the job and their job may even be in jeopardy. Their friends, spouse or children may also have noticed personality changes. But because the person is under the influence, he cannot perceive the changes in himself that others are seeing. He often thinks he is just the same as always and that life hasn't changed."

Sometimes the dependent or addicted person knows, underneath it all, that they have a problem and need help with drug detox or drug rehab, and sometimes they're so affected by the drugs or alcohol they just don't see the degree to which it's taken hold of and is now ruling their life, the Director added.

If you suspect you might have a problem, or if others are telling you that you do, you might want to take a good, hard look at your life - when you're sober - and assess the situation.

Here are some key points to consider. Be honest with yourself about your actions and lifestyle.

  • You drink or take drugs when you are under pressure or stress, when you've had an argument or are disappointed.
  • You wake up the next morning realizing you did or said things you wish you hadn't.
  • You tell yourself and others you don't have a problem and you can stop whenever you want but, when you try to stop, you can't. Or, you keep drinking or taking the drug despite the consequences.
  • Your boss, co-workers, family or friends have expressed concern about your alcohol or drug use. You find it annoying, or find yourself feeling defensive about being 'wrongfully' accused.
  • Others have suggested you need drug detox or rehab, or some other kind of treatment.
  • You sometimes have the "shakes," are anxious, sweating or breathing hard when you wake up in the morning and find that it helps to use the drug, or have a drink. When this happens, your body has already started the withdrawal process. A medically supervised drug detox program can help you get through the withdrawal process safely and more comfortably.
  • You experience blackouts - alcohol induced memory loss that occurs when alcohol blocks the neurotransmitters that send memories from short-term memory to long-term memory. This can also happen with some drugs. When the situation gets this far, a medically supervised drug detox is probably needed to ensure your safety when you withdraw.
  • You find yourself lying to your boss, spouse, kids or friends to cover up your alcohol or drug use or activities or expenses connected to it.
  • You have financial problems, legal problems or problems at work as a result of your drug or alcohol use.
  • Drinking or taking drugs has passed the social stage - where you used to drink or take drugs only with friends, you now do it alone.
  • You're not as concerned about driving under the influence. If you've driven while drunk or on a drug, you have passed the point of being able to exercise good judgment - a common effect of alcohol or drug dependency or addiction.
  • You need a higher dosage, or more drinks, to get the same effect.

If even a few of the above points apply to you, you have a problem - and without drug detox and possibly drug rehab, it's not likely to improve.

The first step is to realize you may have a problem. After that, contact a drug detox program counselor who can help you find the help you need so you can get your life back under control.

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