FDA to Approve New Formulation of Legal Heroin

FDA to Approve New Formulation of Legal Heroin

Purdue Pharma, the company that, along with three principal officers, pled guilty in May of 2007 to criminal charges of misleading doctors and patients about the addictive qualities of OxyContin and paid a fine of $634 million, is back.

Are they now coming to the FDA and the American people to show that they regret that their lies caused the deaths of thousands and the destruction of the lives of tens of thousands? No, Purdue Pharma has other motives. They see a further decrease in their sales caused by the truth about OxyContin-“legal heroin”- causing doctors and patients to look for alternatives. On top of this, the increased scrutiny by the press and the public is starting to reduce the portion, estimated to be as much as 50%, of the OxyContin manufactured by Purdue being diverted for abuse by addicts.

In a carefully orchestrated attempt to convince the FDA that OxyContin can be made less able to be diverted for abuse by addicts, Purdue Pharma is asking the FDA to approve a new “formulation” of their “legal heroin” that they promise will be more “tamper proof.” Purdue is insisting that this means it will be less easy to be crushed and snorted or injected into veins.

John F. Kennedy could have been talking about Purdue Pharma and their motives when he stated, “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie: deliberate, continued, and dishonest; but the myth: persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.”

Here we have the myth being spewed by Purdue Pharma that their form of “legal heroin” is really going to be ok now that they have made it harder for addicts to abuse their drug. Purdue doesn't say that OxyContin is now less addictive or deadly. They do not address the fact that many of the addictions and deaths caused by this drug have been experienced by people taking the drug as prescribed by a medical doctor.

No, in anticipation of the myth of a safer OxyContin being given FDA approval, Purdue is seeking to hire many more drug salesmen. However, there are serious doubts that the new formulation even does what Purdue asserts.

Here is a press release from Larry G, the host of the Prescription Addiction Radio show. Please pass this around to your friends and listen to Larry’s show as he exposes the myth being spread by Purdue Pharma.

The Prescription Addiction Radio Show - Breaking the Silence - April 27 and May 4 “OXYCONTIN AND THE FDA”

On May 5, 2008, the FDA is holding a hearing to discuss approving what Purdue Pharma claims is “a safer formulation” of OxyContin, which is essentially “legal heroin.” Larry Golbom, host of The Prescription Addiction Radio show, will be presenting evidence at the upcoming FDA hearing on May 5. This Sunday night, April 27, and also on May 4 at 9 PM on WGUL 860 AM (streamed live on the internet at www.860wgul.com), Larry G discusses what he states every police narcotics officer, addiction specialist and drug addict knows: “OXYCONTIN IS INTERCHANGEABLE WITH HEROIN!”

Larry G states: “Oxycontin-implicated deaths have become legendary in the beginning of our 21st century. The molecular similarity between the active ingredient of Oxycontin, oxycodone, and heroin is a fact. Every narcotics officer, DEA agent, addiction specialist and addict knows that heroin and oxycodone are interchangeable and both cause lethal overdoses. The FDA has ignored this fact for years while thousands have died, thousands more have become addicted and countless families have suffered.”

He continues, “The introduction of Oxycontin in 1995 has increased deaths and addictions from a legal drug not seen since the introduction of heroin as a ‘safe’ alternative to morphine over 100 years ago.” According to the FDA’s own reporting system, the active ingredients of the new formulations accounted for the most deaths related to prescription drugs between 1998 and 2005.

In May of 2007 in a federal lawsuit brought against Purdue in Virginia, Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of OxyContin, its president, top lawyer and former chief medical officer admitted to criminal liability and agreed to pay $634.5 million in fines for claiming OxyContin was less addictive and less subject to abuse than other pain medications-claims that the company admitted were untrue when they made them.

The unrelenting talk show host says, “The FDA is on notice that Purdue Pharma made false claims that led to thousands of deaths and devastated lives. An approval by the FDA of Purdue’s unproven claims will lead to even greater numbers of deaths and ruined lives because more doctors will mistakenly believe that it is safe to prescribe OxyContin.”

Join The Prescription Addiction Radio Show - Breaking the Silence on April 27th and on May 4th on WGUL 860 AM at 9 PM (streamed live on the internet at www.860wgul.com ) as Larry G discusses the flaws and misrepresentations in Purdue Pharma’s application to the FDA. Every medical professional, media person and family member fighting addiction from a prescription drug should be interested in these shows. Let the FDA know you are listening!


Hosted by Larry G., a registered pharmacist for over 30 years, The Prescription Addiction Radio Show, sponsored by Novus Medical Detox Center, is dedicated to the thousands of families who are being or have been affected by the misuse of prescription drugs.


How terrible it must be for the executives at Purdue Pharma. The more people suffer from pain the more OxyContin they sell. Their biggest nightmare must be that someone will find a cure for the types of pain that lead people to take OxyContin. We know that they are willing to lie to protect their profits. Their guilty plea proved this.

Please listen to Larry’s show and let the FDA know that approving this new “OxyContin” will only lead to more deaths and more addiction. Purdue Pharma is one of those companies who we hope to call on the phone and get the message, “This number is no longer in service.”

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