Drug Detox Breaks The Chains of Addiction That Enslave An Addict's Life

Drug Detox Breaks The Chains of Addiction That Enslave An Addict's Life

The early-90s movie Ricochet, starring Denzel Washington, graphically depicted how drug addiction can be forced on someone against their will. Just like Gene Hackman's tough Detective Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle in the 1971 thriller The French Connection, Denzel's falsely accused Detective Nick Styles is abducted and repeatedly injected with addictive narcotics for days on end. In both films, these street-savvy detectives become hopelessly dependent on the drugs, and to complete their investigations and bring the bad guys to justice must fight back through drug detox and recovery.

Dependency is one thing, and these movie heroes were certainly dependent - without the drugs they suffered agonizing withdrawal symptoms. But when someone cannot stop using a drug, no matter how negative the effects are on themselves or on the lives of others, and will do almost anything to achieve the "high" or stave off withdrawal, that person is said to be addicted.

Drug detox is basically the action of getting someone who is physically dependent on or addicted to alcohol or drugs through the withdrawal process, and counteracting the often serious side effects of withdrawal.

People can "detox" from many substances just by being locked away from them for long enough - as Gene Hackman's character was in the movie, for which he won the Best Actor Oscar. But such "lock-away" drug detox is unfeasible for many drugs, particularly prescription and psychiatric drugs and alcohol, because withdrawal can be more than incredibly uncomfortable, it can be dangerous to the point of injury or loss of life.

It's often been said that unless you have had the personal experience of a full-blown drug addiction, it's almost impossible to fully appreciate its power to affect and influence one's life - even by addiction specialists who work every day getting addicts through drug detox and on their way to rehab and full recovery. The potent changes that drugs can cause in an addict's body are a big part of why addiction has such power over an addict's life.

Only medical supervision by experienced drug detox specialists adds the degree of comfort and safety expected of a modern drug detox program.

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