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Drug Detox Could Be The Least Of Your Worries If You Abuse Benzodiazepines
Drug Detox Could Be The Least Of Your Worries If You Abuse Benzodiazepines

Someone needs to make it very clear - to kids and adults of all ages - that benzodiazepines mixed with other drugs or alcohol kills a lot of people every year. In fact, if you're regularly mixing benzos with other drugs or alcohol, you're probably lucky if you only become ...

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Blog posts in April 2008

  • FDA to Approve New Formulation of Legal Heroin

    Purdue Pharma, the company that, along with three principal officers, pled guilty in May of 2007 to criminal charges of misleading doctors and ...

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  • Rapid Drug Detox: Six Reasons Why It Doesn't Live Up To The Hype

    For nearly two decades, rapid opiate detox programs have been touted in the media and on the Internet as "the big new detox thing", and the ...

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  • Drug Detox News: Conquering Addiction Is Not Only About Will-Power

    Far too many people, especially those who have never been addicted to anything, consider addiction a "life-style choice" - something an addict could ...

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  • Drug Detox Breaks The Chains of Addiction That Enslave An Addict's Life

    The early-90s movie Ricochet , starring Denzel Washington, graphically depicted how drug addiction can be forced on someone against their will. Just ...

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  • Demand for More Florida Drug Detox Services Could See Relief through Prescription Drug Monitoring

    Florida pharmacists, doctors and law enforcement favor a statewide prescription drug monitoring program to help curb crime, save lives and protect ...

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  • Drug Detox and Rehab Could Help Kentucky Welfare Recipients Become Self Sufficient

    At a time when drug abuse and addiction have reached record levels across America, and government agencies from the White House down are involved in ...

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  • Timely Alcohol Detox Saves The Lives Of Drunk Drivers And Their Accident Victims

    If you think drinking alcohol is a normal and acceptable social activity, you have a lot of company. The vast majority of Americans never think about ...

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  • Don't Add Drug Detox to The Expense of Treating Your Back Pain

    Who would think that having a sore neck or back could wind someone up in drug detox? Yet when back pain is bad enough or lasts so long it's ...

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