OxyContin Addiction: Choose Your OxyContin Detox Center Wisely

OxyContin Addiction: Choose Your OxyContin Detox Center Wisely

Only five percent of people who try to get off OxyContin and other opiates on their own are successful - largely because the withdrawal symptoms eventually reach such an intolerable level they just can't cope with it. In fact, this can even happen in a drug detox center, which is why people can try several detox programs and still not be successful at getting off the drug. The solution is to get into a drug detox program that understands OxyContin addiction and withdrawal, and can get you through a successful OxyContin detox with a minimum of discomfort.

What can you expect during OxyContin withdrawal? Although the symptoms and their severity vary from one person to the next, even in the early stages they can be uncomfortable enough to opt for continuing the drug. The first symptoms you're likely to encounter are anxiety, increased respiratory rate, sweating, tearing or crying, yawning, runny nose, goose bumps, restlessness, loss of appetite, and irritability. If you've tried to get off OxyContin on your own, you've probably experienced them.

After that, you can expect insomnia, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, abdominal cramps, rapid heartbeat, abnormally high blood pressure, muscle spasms, muscle pain, and bone pain. You can see why many people who were determined to end their OxyContin addiction changed their mind. With some, the symptoms can reach agonizing levels. However, each person's reaction to withdrawal and detox is different. One person may experience very few symptoms while another may even by-pass the earlier stages and dive right into agonizing pain.

One of the major reasons why people go through one drug detox after another is because the detox program is not tailored to accommodate their unique situation. Although most drug detox programs follow a strict protocol based on the 'normal' response to drugs, many people don't fall under the 'normal' category. In fact, each of us is unique. Unless the OxyContin detox you do is able to adapt to your uniqueness, withdrawal may be too uncomfortable to continue. You find yourself back on the drug, and still battling OxyContin addiction.

If you're tired of going through one detox after another, or if you just want to make your first OxyContin detox your last, contact a drug detox center that understands and adapts to your unique reactions, and can get you through OxyContin detox successfully and as comfortably as possible. OxyContin addiction has sent tens of thousands of people to the ER, and many to the morgue. Don't mess with it any longer.

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