Methadone Addiction Wreaks Widespread Devastation

Methadone Addiction Wreaks Widespread Devastation

Regardless of your level of interest in methadone addiction or methadone detox, a search for methadone in the news reveals the widespread devastation that the narcotic painkiller methadone is wreaking across America.

A year ago, a report from the Government Accountability Office revealed that methadone prescriptions for pain management grew from about 531,000 in 1998 to 4.1 million in 2006-a nearly eightfold increase. The major reason is because the cost of methadone is a fraction of the cost of most other narcotic painkillers.

This flood of methadone into the hands of the public has led to thousands of new cases of methadone addiction and overdose deaths.

Methadone addiction is just the beginning of the story

Each day, there are lots of stories about crimes committed to support methadone addiction. But methadone addiction is just the beginning of the story. Overdose deaths are routine, methadone-related crimes in the name of addiction and profit are common.

What about deaths from methadone overdoses? Unfortunately, there are always a few of those, too.

But there are always one or more stories that tear at your heart, illustrating just how seriously methadone addiction is disrupting and destroying the lives of individuals, families and society at large. Some of these are beyond the imagination of normal people.

Below are a few "methadone news" headlines from just one day, from the routine to the utterly tragic. They illustrate how every day in America, methadone addiction is having a much greater impact on society than most people might think:

  • OHIO: Dramatic increase in accidental overdose deaths mystifies experts. Overdose deaths soaring in one Ohio county had some experts scratching their heads. But another pointed out that physicians in that county have started prescribing methadone in far greater numbers than elsewhere. Mystery solved.
  • WEST VIRGINIA: City woman charged with murder in methadone overdose. A Beckley woman who gave her methadone to a man who took it and died has been charged with murder. The methadone had been legally prescribed to the woman, but the law allows murder charges in such circumstances. Both people were victims of methadone addiction.
  • KENTUCKY: Cincinnati doctor gets 4 years in Eastern Kentucky drug case. A Cincinnati physician is one of 22 people charged in one of the largest schemes ever uncovered in Eastern Kentucky involving diversion of prescriptions for resale. The doctor, who knowingly wrote prescriptions for 50,000 methadone pills, was sentenced to 48 months in prison. We think 40 years was appropriate.
  • NEW YORK: Man receives death threats for wanting to keep methadone clinic open on weekends. A local activist advocating weekend business hours for a county methadone clinic received four death threats. It appears someone with a methadone addiction wants pretty badly to take home their weekend supply of the deadly drug and not have to come in on the weekends.
  • PENNSYLVANIA: Chesco man sentenced in drug death of baby son. This is the real heartbreaker: A 29-year-old father (and methadone addict) killed his 23-month-old son by mixing methadone into the infant's juice. He admitted he routinely crushed methadone and Ambien pills (a sleep aid) into the baby's bottle because the child was teething, and kept refilling the bottle to "settle the baby down." Police said the infant's bloodstream had nine times the amount of drugs that would normally kill a child of his age and size.

Good news at last for people seeking methadone detox

Individuals suffering from methadone addiction who want to become drug free generally find it difficult, if not impossible, to successfully overcome their dependence, because most "one-size-fits-all" methadone detox programs are inadequate.

People trapped in high daily doses of methadone, the normal situation for those in long-term methadone replacement therapy, are particularly hopeless. Most detox programs won't accept them. And "tailing off" can be a years-long rollercoaster of a few little wins and many big losses.

But there is good news for those who seek freedom from a life of methadone addiction.

Novus Medical Detox Center in Pasco County, Florida has developed a breakthrough in methadone detox which includes high-dose methadone detox, a godsend for those trapped in the twilight world of endless methadone addiction.

Novus patients on even high doses of methadone can get through their withdrawal in a couple of weeks or less, during which they are under 24/7 medical care. Every patient receives a unique workup that is tailored to their individual situation and health status. The result is a routinely successful methadone detox that is faster, more comfortable and far easier than anyone expected.

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