Getting Off Methadone

Quitting the narcotic painkiller methadone can be the most frightening, most painful, and ultimately the most discouraging journey for anyone who has a problem with methadone abuse, methadone dependency or methadone addiction. This article explains why.

However, all that is changing. Recent advances in medical methadone detox protocols are making methadone withdrawal not only possible, but routine.

Today, people unfortunate enough to be hooked on the drug  are getting off methadone  easier—and faster—than they imagined possible.

The secret is in new methods used to assist and ease the methadone detox process from start to finish, based on each person’s unique metabolic needs.

Even people on high-dose methadone maintenance, with tolerances at 200 mg a day and more, can successfully quit their methadone habit—for good—following the new medical detox protocols.

Take advantage of the cutting-edge medical detox protocols offered by Novus Detox

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Find out how Novus is helping people get off methadone faster and easier than anyone ever imagined. And Novus even helps high-dose users, time after time.

Why Getting Off Methadone Is So Important

Methadone dependence is spreading like wildfire across the country, and quitting this harmful drug has never been more important:

  • Nearly a quarter of a million opiate addicts have been put on methadone as “treatment” instead of receiving real treatment so they can quit methadone and become drug free—and the numbers are growing every day.  
  • Because of its relatively low cost, too many doctors are prescribing methadone for common, every-day pain—a practice resulting in thousands more needless dependencies and addictions and methadone abuse.
  • Methadone is one of the top two or three drugs most associated with accidental overdose injuries and deaths in the country.
  • Every time someone becomes dependent or addicted to methadone, they risk a ruined life, a broken family, descent into drug-related crime and prison time, and a methadone-related death.
  • Continuing to take methadone for pain can kill you.

For more reasons you have to get off methadone now, read The Methadone Prison.

Why Quitting Methadone Is So Difficult

Most people who have tried to get off methadone shared the same experiences:

  • Methadone is extremely addictive, and therefore it is extremely difficult to detox from methadone.
  • Methadone produces among the harshest withdrawal symptoms of any drug.
  • Methadone side effect s usually include malnourishment, which can make withdrawal symptoms even worse—but addiction reduces awareness of failing health.
  • Methadone withdrawal can take many weeks—and even longer for high-tolerance, high-dose methadone habits.
  • Quitting methadone on your own is almost impossible, and it isn’t much easier at run-of-the-mill detox centers.
  • Many quit methadone detox before finishing because most clinics don’t understand how to minimize the pain and misery of withdrawal.
  • Most methadone medical detox centers do not accept high-tolerance, high-dose patients.
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Getting Off Methadone The Novus Way

At Novus Medical Detox, we employ the latest technology to help every patient get through their methadone withdrawal faster and easier than they ever imagined.

Novus Medical Detox:

  • Provides 24/7 medical supervision of each patient's progress
  • Follows a methadone detoxification protocol that delivers a much more comfortable withdrawal
  • Completes a full medical evaluation of each patient’s health status before embarking on the regimen to detox off methadone
  • Provides medicines, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and proper hydration based on each patients unique DNA and metabolic needs
  • Is not one-size-fits-all—frequent adjustments are made to each patient's tapering-off rate to minimize discomfort
  • Can boast a higher than 90% completion rate
  • Completes lower dose methadone detox in six to eight days, and higher-dose patients often in less than fourteen days
  • Does not need to provide take-home additional drugs after completion
  • Offers a peaceful, home-like facility located on 3.25 treed acres where patients regularly take walks or sit outside
  • Provides several designated smoking areas
  • Provides private or comfortable shared rooms with telephone, television, DVD player and internet access

Help yourself or someone you love. Quitting methadone has never been more possible.

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