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Failure to refer overdose patients for treatment should be malpractice, says NIDA's Volkow
Failure to refer overdose patients for treatment should be malpractice, says NIDA's Volkow

How important do you think it is to steer someone to treatment who has just been saved from a near-fatal opioid overdose? If you answered “very” – and you probably did – you’re absolutely correct. According to Dr. Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug ...

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  • Drugmaker Recalls Contaminated Naloxone Syringes

    Hospira, maker of Carpuject naloxone syringes, has begun a voluntary nationwide recall of two lots of the life-saving drug injectors. The company said ...

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  • FDA Approves a New Non-Opioid Medication for Opioid Withdrawal

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new non-opioid medication to help relieve the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Called Lucemyra™ ...

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  • Scientists are testing weight loss drugs to see if they can be used to treat addiction

    Over the past two decades or so, a number of so-called “obesity” or “weight loss” or “appetite suppressant” or “diet” drugs have come and gone in the ...

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  • House Committee Sends 57 Opioid Bills to Congress

    A total of 57 proposed bills targeting the opioid epidemic have advanced through the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and are on their way to the ...

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  • New report helps parents safeguard kids from addiction

    America is in the throes of a substance abuse crisis, and it’s killing more people than ever. Parents, teachers and other caregivers are worried they ...

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  • Surgeon General urges friends and families of addicts to carry naloxone

    Surgeon General Jerome Adams urges friends and family members of anyone at risk of opioid overdosing to carry the OD-reversal drug naloxone. In a ...

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  • Privacy vs Appropriate Care for Substance Disorders

    A subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee recently heard arguments, both pro and con, about proposed new legislation called, "The ...

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  • Opioids and addiction treatment drugs are the most-prescribed drugs in 10 states

    The top seven drugs in each of the 50 states have been sorted and listed according to their prescription rates by researchers at GoodRx, the website ...

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  • Elizabeth Vargas: Hard-won sobriety has made life 'so much better'

    (Novus writes inspirational stories of people in the news who have overcome addiction. This is not to imply that these people are connected to Novus ...

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